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2 months post McDonalds

This probably won't interest anyone but I have reached 2 months without McDonalds! A huge step for me as it was my staple breakfast for the last 2 years. Just the thought of it now is appaling and I haven't admitted it to anyone else, even hiding bank statements from my husband so he couldn't see but I don't know any of you so it doesn't seem so bad owning up.:eek:

Oh my goodness, I've just looked up the calories in what I had each day, 1380 5 times a week which means I've not eaten over 55000 calories I would have done if I hadn't taken control.

That's just scary!
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Well done for stopping!

I LOVE McDonald's breakfasts, especially the hash browns and pancakes & sausage with syrup...mmm....

Anyway. I've not had one this year but I've bought a few for the family, and I wish I found it disgusting, but I don't. It still smells delicious, and I have to force myself to avoid it.

Pity :cry:
Laura that is FANTASTIC, well done you. Like you I Loveeee Maccy D's, and was appalled at the amount of syns in some of my favorite things, for example, double cheeseburger which is 22.5 syns or just their regular chips 12 syns, or the Big Mac 25 syns, i also loveee the breakfasts, I have been known to eat 3 in one go! Terrible I know. Woodsylou knows me and knows I also have been know to eat a double cheeseburger AND a Big Mac and Large fries on a night out after drinking. burger kind is also a favorite of mine like the chicken royale with cheese, i was distraught to find out they have 33 syns!! OMG! So what I have done is written out all my Favorite foods for both places and put the syns next to them, i keep it in my purse now, so if im ever tempted i look at the list and look at the syns and i can honestly say it works, i feel so bad i dont have anything! I did actually call macdonalds to find out about their scrambled eggs, because some weekend mornings you fancy a treat but dont want to syn too high, their eggs are just made out of egg and milk and placed in a large deep grill type pan, they said they dont use oil as there is no need (who knows), so i use the Milk as a Healthy A, and sometimes treat myself to their scrambled egg and 1 hash brown which is 3 syns xx
Thanks everyone, now I know the calories (should look up the syns) I was eating it's taken away any thought I have of popping in for a 1 off ooops moment.

I think your idea strugglingwrighty is great, a constant reminder in your purse of how bad it really is!


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that's such a good idea anna, i love that!

i don't overly miss mcdonalds, but KFC is another matter! just the adverts make my swoon!! I will have to try the SW KFC, might be good!

but i miss the Zinger Tower Meal most. spicy chicken, hash brown, cheese, mayo, white bun! my god how many syns are in one of those?!?!
Its the only way i could do it Lou, because you know me Junk food queen, it especially helps when im out in the cab at the weekends, it puts me off just looking at the syn value. If you go on KFC website, they will have a section about their nutrition and they should have the calorie content for everything, then i just transfer that to SW online to get the syn value xx


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i think it's a great idea! i won't have the zinger anyway, but i will check it out! bet it's like 35 syns! wowsers! that's like a bottle of wine (i know what i'd rather have ;) )
i thought i'd struggle with white bread too, but i've been ok so far. although when i see anyone eating it with lots of yellow butter on it i want to do a drive by and snatch it from them and stuff it in my mouth!! mmmmmmmmmmm!
oooh white toast with lots of butter, id forgotten all about that! yum! ;-)
Hahaha I can just imagine that Woodsylou. What a picture it would make.

Bread would be a downfall for me so I've cut it out. Just smelling the children's toast in the morning makes me drool!
hahaha! imagine it! run past, grab, eat on the run! haha!

mmmmm toast! we need to stop talking about this!! haha!
you guys are making me drooool - i am now dreaming of a bagel with cheese and sausage in from MCD's!!! OMG... perhaps i coudl make my own with HEA cheese, syn free sausages (or low ones) and a diet bagel - wont be the same, but might curb my naughty thoughts!!!

i can vouch foe mcdonalds (was a mgr b4 i had my 3yr old) it used to be eggs that the crew cracked themselfs and whisked up, but not it comes in a carton of liquidised pasturised egg to stop any eggshells from being served! the grill has to be buttered, but is minimal as well as a teflon coated scrambler, which is like a large metal square with 4 smaller squares inside and a bar accross with finger like prongs which move the egg to make it light and fluffy.

you could always ask for them to use real eggs instead of liquid egg, say you have a milk allergy! its 2 eggs per portion, and was always better tasting!

the porridge is also oat so simple and is the same size portion that can be bought in the shops the milk used is semi skimmed milk - so can count for your a and b choice (still with a tad of milk left over!)

laura x
Thats great Laura, thanks for confirming that, its handy to know, because you feel like your being naughty but your actually not! and i loooovvee their scrambled eggs! x
i had lots of customers with gluten allergies asking for burgers without the buns (the are full of sugar, only take 30secs to toast!)

i would say that the syns in the burgers wouldnt be as high with the bun either!

remember you can grill an order to the way you want it! they have to occomadate or my store always did, if the dont, customer services no is 08457 BIGMAC! (244622) dont think i will ever forget it! lol

laura x
Woodsylou, you were absolutely right..........

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Kentucky Fried Chicken Zinger Tower Burger each[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
35 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 35 Syns
Green 35 Syns

The adverts make me drool too!!!! I have to change the channel if an advert comes on!!!!
hahahaha! what are the chances?! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
when i take my LO to maccy d's i always have the grilled chix salad bowl with balsamoc vinegar dressing on and believe it or not it satisies the craving and i was a big mc addict!

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