2 months to lose as much as possible!

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  1. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    basically there is 2 months to go til i'm going on holiday...and currently i look absolutely awful in my bikinis and dont fit into any holiday clothes sooo...time to kick my arse into gear!
    any support would be appreciated.
    from now on i'm gonna stick to around 1000 cals a day or under. i will have one day off a week where i will eat more but i will try not to go crazy and ruin my hard work. i like to plan out my food for the next day whenever i can.
    will be writing in here every day :)
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  3. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    Ok...plan for tommorows food

    Tuesday 31st May 2011:
    -30 grapes (90)
    -Wholemeal pitta bread filled with hummus and salad (310)
    -Smoked ham, bacon and tomato tortelloni with salad (440)
    -A skinny cow triple chocolate brownie ice cream (100)
    -Sugar free blackcurrant jelly (40)
    -Pepsi max & water

    = 980 calories
  4. Legomom

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    Hello! Good luck with the bikini quest! I'll be thinking of you at lunch tomorrow now lol I love hummus!! :)

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  5. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    thank you :) and haha same i'm a bit addicted to it at the mo!
  6. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    grrrr not a good first day :sigh:wish this binge monster would piss off!

    doesnt help that im on study leave atm stuck in the house every day.

    have decided instead of 1000 cals a day and 1 day off, will have 1200 max a day and no day off...think 1000 is just too low for me :L

    will try harder tommorow. sigh :(
  7. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    Wednesday 1st June 2011:

    Breakfast: Bitesize shredded wheat with skimmed milk and sultanas/dried apple (260)

    Lunch: Wholemeal pitta bread filled with hummus and salad (310)

    Dinner: Spinach and ricotta tortelloni with salad (410)

    Snacks: Skinny cow triple choc brownie ice cream (100) a banana (120) and a weightwatchers layered cherry fromage frais yoghurt (50)

    Drinks: Water and pepsi max

    Total: 1250

    Exercise: 9 minutes on treadmill (100 cals apparently burned), 40 minute walk

    Bit over limit but not by much so I don't really mind.
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  8. Bostik

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    Really need to try hummus again, not had it in ages. Seems to be relatively low cal. Hope it's going well for you :)
  9. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    thursday was a biggg diaster, went to the seaside with family and it ended up in a binge :sigh:
    me and my mum are now on 1000 cals a day and supporting each other so thats good.

    Friday 3rd May:
    -2 crumpets with margarine (230)
    -Banana (120)
    -Skinny cow triple choc brownie ice cream (100)
    -Weightwatchers lemon tart yoghurt (50)
    -Weightwatchers blackberry fromage frais yoghurt (50)
    -2 pieces thick wholemeal toast with margarine and baked beans (440)
    -Pepsi max, diet pepsi and water
    Total: 995
    Exercise: Not much just a bit of walking!

    Saturday 4th May:
    -Weightwatchers strawberry tart yoghurt (50)
    -2 crumpets with margarine (230)
    -2 skinny cow triple choc brownie ice creams (200)
    -Banana (120)
    -Apple (70)
    -4 slices turkey (80)
    -Peri peri mini chicken breast fillets (250)
    -Diet pepsi, diet coke and water
    Total: 1000
    Exercise: Just walking again!
  10. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    Sunday 5th April 2011:
    -Skinny cow caramel shortcake ice cream (100)
    -2 crumpets with margarine (230)
    -4 chunks caramel dairy milk chocolate (140)
    -Weightwatchers lemon yoghurt (50)
    -Strawberry jubbly ice lolly (20)
    -9 large cherry tomatoes (30)
    -Smoked ham, bacon and tomato tortelloni with baby spinach leaves and tomato (430)
    -Pepsi max and water
    Total: 1000
    Exercise: None today tut :/
  11. Bumblebum

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    Just wanted to say good luck on the bikini quest! Am going away myself in about 10 weeks with family and am dreading being the biggest one there. Its one of the things thats keeping me motivated!

  12. missmariexox

    missmariexox Member

    yeah its definitely a huge motivator!
    good luck to you too :)
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