2 slimmer dogs since I returned from hols


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
My two spaniels look slimmer since we returned these past two weeks.

My husband pointed out that they looked better and I said "Oh yes, I've managed to get some weight off the heavier dog".

"You haven't done it", says he which I now realise is true. "It's because they were in the kennels and away from you giving them tidbits".

I have now resolved to stop giving them little bits of cake and biscuits and give healthier tidbits, they enjoy fruit and carrot and mostly anything really.

This is an illustration for all of us who love to "pick" and think that a weeny bit of this and a soupcon of that won't make any difference.

Two little spaniels were away from their Mum for two weeks and look better for it. I feel a bit ashamed of that.:eek:

Marylyn xx
dont worry you wont be the only one, when we went away last year the same happened to my yorkie, and i felt as bad, now he gets no titbits, or no sunday dinner :D
He loved the smell of my chicken Lipotrim

Bill loved the smell of the soup and so he can have a bit of Lipotrim on his dins today.

That will keep them trim.