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  1. dawnvalentine

    dawnvalentine Full Member

    Hi All,

    Wanted to share some of my photos with you, particularly for those who are just starting the diet- everyone else's photos really helped me to kick start myself into doing this!

    I am not even nearly where I want to be yet but already I am starting to see some big changes in myself- particularly in my face thank GOD!

    The photo in the pink dress was last year on holiday- I had lost 4 lbs between then and starting Cambridge in Feb (well lost lots more and put it back on again!). The photos in the stripy top were taken during my first week and the others were taken at the weekend.

    Hoping that I can keep up the same determination to get through the next 3 stone :) xxx 2 stone.jpeg Headshot.jpg Holiday.jpeg
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  3. Victoria1909

    Victoria1909 Full Member

    You look amazing Hun! Well done! It's my first day back on Cambridge today (lost count how many times I've restarted!) and these photos are really helping! Hoping to post some myself throughout my journey. How's it gone today? X
  4. dawnvalentine

    dawnvalentine Full Member

    Thank you Victoria- good luck with restarting, how much did you manage to lose before? What did you find were the pitfalls for you? I'm really scared of putting it all back on again so need to come up with a plan of how to keep it off! Today's gone really well actually got to have a bit of a lie in this morning which always helps as there's then less time in the day to have to avoid food haha! I have been having Some rocket and chicken at lunchtime instead of one of my shakes and since I started doing that the whole plan feels 100 times easier! The first few weeks were really tough but worth it for those big numbers! Xx
  5. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

    Wow well done! You can really see the difference in your arms, bum and tummy and like you say, your face. It's amazing that you have lost all that in just 6 weeks. I started the same weight as you and am 2 weeks in. So it's really motivating that in another 4 weeks I could potentially have lost almost 2 stone and be looking nice and slim like you. To be honest you don't look like you weigh 13 stone 13lb, you look lighter, I think because you have slim legs. My saddle bags are always the last thing to disappear which keeps me in big pants!
    Thank you so much for sharing. It really motivates me to see people's photos. Makes it seem more achievable.
  6. Victoria1909

    Victoria1909 Full Member

    I managed to lose 3 stone 5lbs altogether and restarted today having put 2 stone 8lbs of that back on :(. Just my lack of motivation is really all that held me back. I didn't hate the way I looked and I don't lack self confidence, so I didn't really have the motivation to do it. But now I see it's for health reasons and for my little boy. I need to do this now while he's still so young.
    That's great glad it's working having food in the day :) I've thought about doing that but I enjoy my evening meal with my partner. I've stuck to it today 100% so I'm pleased with myself! The only thing I'm worried about is my consultant said I could have a muiller light yoghurt instead of the milk allowance (I don't like milk) but it felt like cheating!! Am I definitely allowed any flavour muiller light yoghurt do you know?? X
  7. dawnvalentine

    dawnvalentine Full Member

    Hello! Sorry for taking so long to reply, have ended up having a really hectic week. Am so sore today as well from doing a boxing class yesterday and it is making everything seem like a huge effort! Selphie, thanks very much for your kind words J Are you doing any exercise to help you along your way? I’ve found that its really helped to keep me motivated and compensate for any days when I have a little bit too much skimmed milk or add a tiny bit of cheese to my salad (I know it’s not on the plan but I’ve found having very small portions of anything that is allowed on the atkins diet if I really need it has helped to keep me from totally falling off the wagon!). Fingers crossed for you that you will get to this point quickly too!

    That was a great weight loss Victoria- at least you know you can do it again! It’s probably not for everyone but I really find that watching the biggest loser (Australia or US versions) has really helped me- totally geeky but having watched a lot of series of it, you kind of pick up on things they do to keep the contestants motivated. The Mum’s often do well as they have a big motivation to do it for their kids! I don’t think it will be a problem at all to have a yogurt like that instead of the milk- it’s very low in fat and it tastes good so why not as long as you aren’t eating loads of them! I have milk in coffee but I’m not a huge coffee fan so I end up putting 6 sweeteners in there as well which is probably not doing me much good! Maybe just give it a go for a week, see if you still lose weight and if not then maybe revert back. I keep thinking it doesn’t matter how long it takes so long as every week is a loss! xx
  8. dawnvalentine

    dawnvalentine Full Member

    Just thrown out all clothes in a size 18 that I'm not going to wear any more- fingers crossed that it wasn't a premature decision as I'm not left with that much now but did feel good like am having a fresh start xx
  9. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

    That must have felt great to throw out all of your 18s! It will motivate you to carry on too, so you won't have to buy new 18s! You're right about exercising. It's helped me in the past. I've been rubbish so far on this diet though. I've just been really busy recently and work is tiring at the moment. But I know it will help, so I will start going to the gym next week. I'm away this weekend so I will make a gym date on Monday :)
  10. dawnvalentine

    dawnvalentine Full Member

    Yes definitely felt good, loving all the space I now have to fill up with new summer clothes! Hopefully won't need to spend all summer covered up this year!! Your still having good losses though so well done! As much as exercise has helped it also threw me off a bit this week as I was so sore and tired from it all I've ended up having a couple of days off plan. Weigh in tomorrow and a fresh start I think! Definitely need to keep going now! Would love to get to a size 12 but not sure if that will ever happen! Fingers crossed! What are your goals? Xx

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