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2 stone gone - 7 left


plodding away
Just thought I'd start a weekly weigh in thread for me seeing as I am going to have plenty of them to get to my goal :rolleyes:

Have lost weight in the past but have never been successful in keeping it off this time is the last time I'm doing this so I mean business ;)

Lost 4lb with sw before defecting to ww. First weigh in Monday night and ta da have lost 6.5lbs :bliss:

Hope to update weekly with more losses to come - nothing like positive thinking :D
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well done amazing first wi for you:)


Otherwise known as Jools
Brilliant loss well done :D
congratulations on a brilliant weight loss, don't think of the 9 stone you have to lose, take it one day at a time like I did, and it does help.


plodding away
Thank you for your words of support - much appreciated. :thankyou:

Well second weigh in tonight and hoorah have lost another 2lbs. :D Am pleased with myself cos went to visit my partner and even took my ww books with me to make sure I didnt go over my points. :angel09:

Next week will be in the next stone weight bracket so am going to make the most of my points this week as will have to drop down by one next week.

Picked up the new magazine at class tonight so will be getting some new recipe ideas for this week - food shopping tomorrow. Roll on next weeks weigh in. :D
Congratulations again on another great weight loss, your like me I bring my book with me everywhere I go as I think it is a great help in controlling the amount of points you eat.


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Good luck on your journey - Just think of it as a lifestyle change, and not a diet. Your head seems to be in the right place!! Good Luck!!


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Thanks melarnz

I think thats what is different about me this time, in that I do see it as a lifestyle change and not a diet. Once my head is in the right place everything else seems to follow a lot easier.
Vanda, thats how I see this diet too, to me it is a lifestyle change, and I can allow myself anything I want as long as it is in my points. Before I started this diet I use to get up in the morning and would be thinking of the food I could not have on certain diets and it use to depress me, now I get up and think of what I am allowed, and 7 and a half months later I am still on the ww diet, and feel great.


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Great to hear that ww is the way to go. Like you I used to fixate on what I felt I couldnt eat or I would 'spoil' my diet. This time I work it into my points and even seem to be enjoying my food more not just shoveling it in like theres no tomorrow.


plodding away
:D:DWell 3rd weigh in with ww tonight, a night later than usual due to the bank holiday and hoo blimming rah have lost another 3.5lbs :party0049:

Am feeling chuffed and well pleased. Its great to be able to lose weight and enjoy life. I had a fab easter egg, pointed it at the start of the week and adjusted my daily points to allow for it and it worked :D

Am looking forward to next week although I know the weight loss will slow down, maybe its time I started making exercise plans :eek:
congratulations on another great weight loss, the weight seem to be flying off you at the moment, and at least you didn't have to starve yourself and still had an Easter egg, when you think off it there is no diet out there that lets you eat and Easter egg and still lose weight. When it does slow down don't get disappointed, just think for each pound you lose its a pound of butter off your body.
well done! i joined ww on tuesday after trying numerous diets and not being able to stick to them! i definately feel much more positive about this one and im enjoying my points! like you i too have 8-9 stone to lose so just one day at a time!! ive looked out a dress i havent worn for 6 years and im aiming to get into that!! good luck


plodding away
Thanks for your words of support. It is great to eat good food and still lose weight. I'm finally learning portion control and hopefully a way of eating that will get me to the weight I want to be.
well done vanda !!! you are doing brill , and i agree with you in that it makes a change that with other diets so many things are taboo but on ww you can have relly anything you want but in moderation and sticking within your points , keep up the good work :D


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Well have had my weigh in tonight and have lost another 2lbs :talk017: am feeling very pleased with myself. I know the weight loss will probably slow down soon, so I am enjoying this while I can :D

I have finally started exercising with a small e. Have joined a wii fit challenge and am aiming for 2 hours a week. It may not sound like much for some, but I thought I would start with an achievable amount other wise I will give up. Have done 17 mins today and yesterday which has made me realise how unfit I am :eek:

It should be a quiet week ahead as am in work for the next 6 days. Will probably be going to visit my partner next Monday so may miss the weigh in. Am saving some points this week so I can enjoy some wine and a meal out on Monday.

Full steam ahead :D


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Vanda's big 9 stone challenge - weigh in no 5

:eek:Weigh in no 5 tonight and have lost another 1.5lbs :bliss: Still feeling very pleased with myself :D

I did go to visit my oh and took the ww books with me again, stuck to the points I had saved. oh thinks I am looking fab so smiles all round ;)

I have stuck to the wii challenge doing 15-20 mins a day, must admit that some days have been more energetic than others :eek: but a result all the same.

Am feeling very positive about the week ahead, am going to Frankies & Bennys on Sunday so will be point saving again this week. No new personal challenge for me this week am aiming to continue with the wii and generally move more. Onwards to next Monday with great expectations and hopefully another fab silver 7 :D


plodding away
Weighed in again tonight. Another 1.5lbs gone and another fab silver 7 :woohoo:

Still very motivated and focused. Saved points this week for a meal out. Went well as didnt use all my saved points on the night so had 2 days of high points - hoorah :D

Stuck to my wii challenge - not every night. But did 2-30 minutes on the days I exercised so an improvement. This weeks challenge is to eat my 5 a day every day. Sometimes I dont get all the fruit and veg I should, so will make more of an effort this week.

No planned trips or eating out expected so will prob use most of my points each day. I may save one or two daily to use on my days off.

Looking forward to next weeks weigh in :D

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