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2 weeks in and 8.5lbs lighter!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by danniixxo, 15 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. danniixxo

    danniixxo Member

    Well guys, i have ventured away from this site since i actually properly started slimming world! i started on the 29th May and now, two weeks on i am 8.5lb lighter! lost 5.5lb in my first, week, was amazed! then a further 3lb loss this week, making me slimmer of the week and achieving my half a stone award! this week i also bought a 12week countdown, excited to receive my free recipe book on thursday! my countdown ends two weeks after my birthday, any ideas on a sensible, achievable loss by then? would LOVE to be 2 stone lighter by my birthday (12th august) but i don't want to jinx myself and have high hopes for it! i don't have many events getting in my way compared to others, it's my cousins birthday and boyfriends birthday 2 days apart from one another then 3 days after that it is my nans 60th birthday party! i don't think that week will be very nice to me, although i am contemplating only being off plan for my boyfriends birthday because i want to take him to a posh chinese buffet! it's my dads 40th the week before my birthday too and my mums 2 days before that. would i be able to get these losses and look like i've actually lost a substantial amount of weight between now and then? so sorry for blabbering on a bit, i get far too carried away when i am typing on a keyboard, blame college!

    hope you have all had a fab week! x
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  3. rhirhi93

    rhirhi93 Full Member

    I think 2 stone is achievable by then. You've got what 6 big days between now and your birthday? That means you've got about 50 good days :) take it in small bite size pieces and you'll get there no problem.

    We we have similar weight lose goals so I will be interested to follow your journey

    best of luck xx
  4. danniixxo

    danniixxo Member

    Lost another 3lb this week, yay! 11.5lb in three weeks! hoping to achieve my stone award next week and i'll be on track to lose another stone by my birthday! i know i am going to feel so guilty on my boyfriend's birthday, a chinese buffet :/ oops! hope you have had a good week, look forward to seeing your journey x
  5. jodibbs

    jodibbs Full Member

    Wow that's great!! I've just started Slimming World as well and in 5 days I've lost 2.5lbs which I'm really pleased with... but now my Nan has invited the whole family round for a Chinese on Sunday! Aaaah nightmare! I'm planning on only eating a prawn chow mien (which is what I usually have) and saving up my syns for it this week... no idea how many syns are in a chow mien but I can guess a lot!

    Well done on your great loss! I hope I can get that much soon... I usually get stuck at 14st and can't get below it so I'm crossing my fingers! Although this chinese will not help me lol :(
  6. danniixxo

    danniixxo Member

    Well done! There are always events to get in your way, i have around 6 different events to get over in the next two months. but my by birthday mid august i am planning to have lost another stone. i'm pretty hopeful about it but hope i can achieve it! i see loads of people who have treat days/meals and still manage to lose weight even with doing that once a week! so i think aslong as you can literally just treat yourself that one time and then get back on plan afterwards it is fine!
    good luck in your journey x
  7. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Dannielle!! Wow! My congratulations with your loss! Great results;-) I am sure you will achieve your goal right to your birthday;-) I completely agree that we need to cheat sometimes;-) Otherwise it is impossible to live(( But the main reason do it not often and right after to come back to the strict plan! Good luck!
  8. jodibbs

    jodibbs Full Member

    Yeah that's the thing isn't it... everyone has a cheat day every once in a while... I think if we didn't we'd go mad! Lol
  9. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member


    Well done so far, your doing really well and should be able to lose that amount for Aug :) xx
  10. danniixxo

    danniixxo Member

    Thank you everyone I now have 7.5lbs to lose in three weeks for my birthday... Hoping to achieve this! Just worried about my weigh in afterwards which is 2 days post birthday splurge!! Good luck on your journeys and well done on your losses xx

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