2 weeks of the CD - Doublemum!!!

Have a great day at work and keep glugging the water. Now that you are aproaching ketosis it will get a lot easier!
Have a fantastic day!
I can't believe i've made it to day 5!!! :D

I dropped into see my CDC last night to swap some flavours over & hopped on the scales & have lost 6lbs!!! :eek:

So i am very chuffed with myself!!

Still have the urge to munch on something but i'm having a pack made into a muffin in the evening so that sorta gets rid of that feeling. Its just at work during the day that its hardest. But hopefully i can stay strong, i got tummy rumbles this morning but don't actually feel hungry?!

Me & my partner are off on holiday at the end of september withour the kids & even though i started off saying i was gonna break from the diet, i'm now thinking about just indulging in an evening meal. I know it will be more than the normal add a meal week but at least it won't be as bad as 3 meals a day!!

Back to work i guess!
Day 6

HELP - I can't stop thinking about food!! I'm not hungry, haven't cheated & am definately in ketosis but i just want to sit down & have a meal. I feel like a cocaine addict, i need to be in a padded cell!!!

Is this normal??

I am very encouraged with the weight loss, so that is keeping me going, but i'm just worried that i'm not gonna last the 5 weeks till my holiday, let alone the 5/6 months to lose all my weight!

My 1st week is up tomorrow so really looking forward to being weighed & getting the bars & mousse mix for the coming week as a bit of variety might keep me interested.

Aw Doublemum! Yes, you are perfectly normal!!!:D

The first few days tend to be the hardest, but believe me, when you get on those scales tomorrow, you will be sooo pleased with yourself. The bars help as you get to chew things. Somewhere there is a thread on minimins that will list lots of recipies for you to try so you don't get bored (sorry if you already have it, if not, I'll search in a min and see if I can find it for you, I personally love cooking the toffee bars they are scummy!!!)

Try to distract your self for a bit now whilst the cravings are bad. typing here help. Cravings generally pass in 20mins. Just habd in there!!!:)
Day 13

Wow, can't believe i haven't posted on here for so long!

Donna-thanks for your advice & link to the recipes, i have been having the muffins & mousses (yummy) They do help!

Well weigh in day tomorrow, i can't believe i've been doing this for nearly 2 weeks!! I am very pleased with myself but i wish that i could just stop thinking about food. I was a bit naughty last night i only had a bite of carrot but just made me feel a bit of a failure. I just still want a proper meal - how can i get over this??? I really don't want to cave in as i know if i have any carbs i'll have to start all over again.
Me & my partner are off out on saturday night & i have planned to have some chicken & vegetables! I know i should wait till my AAM week but hopefully that will satisfy me!!
People have noticed that my tum is going down & my flabby face is beginning to look like a face again!

After my 10lb loss last week i'd love to get to the stone tomorrow, so fingers crossed.....
Hi Doublemum!

You're doing so well! you must be so pleased with yourself! Just look what you have already achieved! Can't wait to hear how you get on tomorrow in your WI! Hope things are getting a bit easier for you. As for Saturday - you'll know what's right to have. I found that the key for not thinking about food is to just take my mind off it. I'm sure you've been told this before, but I read, have a bath, give my mum an ring etc etc, just so I'm not thinking about food! Try and pamper yourself, I bought a foot spa, and have invested in loads of face masks!!

Hope things are going well!

Sarah x