2 weeks until Valentines...

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by hopefullucy, 2 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. hopefullucy

    hopefullucy Full Member

    Anyone got a mini goal?

    I would love to loose 11 pounds... Taking me down to 11's!!! It will be tough but am back on track and Ss 100% I think it could be done! :)
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  3. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Ooo 10lbs would be perfect :)))

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  4. hopefullucy

    hopefullucy Full Member

    I think if we stick to it 100% it is do able! :) ... How much have you lost so far? :)
  5. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Deffinitly will do if we 100%

    I've lost 44lbs x u??

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  6. lostpolarbear

    lostpolarbear Full Member

    Im gonna go for goal of 7lb loss from now until valentines :) x

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  7. gero1

    gero1 Full Member

    My goal for valentines......to find myself a decent fella because the current one is about as supportive as a broken chair.......!!
  8. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey guys im back onto Cambridge after doing it last year and it gradually creeping back on!! Im finding it sooo sooo hard to get even the first day down. Im not eating massive meals but keep picking and having sugar in my coffee.

    Ive bought in green tea to work with peppermint and determined to get his going.

    I really wanna maybe loose 7lbs by Valentines and we are going out on the Saturday for it so it gives me like two weeks.

    Shall we be a team and get us through xxx
  9. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    looool this made me giggle xxx
  10. hopefullucy

    hopefullucy Full Member

    I have lost 19 lbs And have 10.5 lbs until I hit my mini target of being in the 11's... It's been over 5 years since I have been 11 something so am so excited! Lol x how did you do over the weekend? Xxx
  11. hopefullucy

    hopefullucy Full Member

    Brilliant! Good luck, keep us updated! :)
  12. hopefullucy

    hopefullucy Full Member

    He sounds rubbish... Does he just need a bit of training or is he a case of you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Xxx
  13. hopefullucy

    hopefullucy Full Member

    I wAs like that after a long break over Christmas... Then spent 3 weeks half attempting the plan... I told myself enough was enough and the products were too expensive to not be loosing serious weight... Have myself a good talking to and have had my first 100% weekend since before Christmas... The stricter I am with myself the sooner this excess fat will be gone.., I gave myself some tough love! Xxx good luck with it... Once you've conquered a couple of days you wills slip back into it :) tescos have clipper teas on offer ATM... I spent my weekend trying... Apple and ginger... Raspberry... And black currant and acai .., I drunk loads and they kept my tummy feeling full! :)
  14. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Yeah im know what you mean i have enough products to get me to friday so that is my target so I go and get some more on sat morning with the Cd for a official weigh in xxxx

    its true it is too expensive if we just mess about!!!! I didnt realise you had fruit teas to go with it though xxx
  15. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Wow well done! I only started back yesterday and am finding it hard! Alot harder then the 1st time! I'm just soooo hungry and wanna tuck into crisps or chocolate but I'm not going to!

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  16. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey rebecca im the same and there is chocolate in the office :( Im nearly the same weight as you so fingers crossed ay!!

    Off to the gym to try and take my mind off of things xxxx

    ~STARVING LOL :eek:
  17. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    It's so hard isn't it!! I caved and had a few mouthfuls of lasange but done 30muns on my cross trainer to try to burn it off lol!! 1st time round was so much easier :-(

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  18. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    loool i know tell me bout it the first time i found it so much easier!!! Just makes me think how silly I was to let the weight creep back on ay!! But hey I did go on an 18 day holiday and get engaged so there was an excuse!!

    If I get to 10st before my holiday in six weeks I will be very chuffed!!

    Anyway here is to day two!!!! Actually not feeling too bad but have two gym classes today so thinking about cancelling one of them!!
  19. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Oh wow congratulations, when's the wedding?? That's a brilliant excuse lol! Plz don't think I'm rude but what weight are u at now? I'm sure you'll do it for your holiday!
    I'm feeling really good today and alot more energy!!
    I also have Zumba this evening which I'm looking forward too! Gets me going hehe

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st
  20. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Thanks hun dead chuffed but the wedding is set for 23rd August 2014 so a bit away yet!!!

    Dont be silly ask away...it should be in my stats though! Are you on a mobile? My weight is 10st 12lbs goal is 9st 7lbs but lets see lol.

    How many days have you been doing CD for? I have zero energy loool.

    I tried zumba and thought I could dance by the time i came out of it i was mortified loool xxxx
  21. xxrebeccaxx

    xxrebeccaxx Silver Member

    Aw done time to plan then! I'm getting married 2nd may this year :) yes on my phone! You are the same weight hehe! This is my 3rd day back and woke up feeling I've got alot more energy and not as hungry!
    Lol I've been going Zumba over a year now and love it z

    11lbs to go til my 1st target of 10st

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