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As the year is almost over ..
(Gosh, my mother was right, they really do go faster the older your get .. sob sob lol)

2009 has been a good year, for me. A few ups and down but iv achieved so much, and i am proud of me.

i thought it'd be nice to all say one thing were proud of that we'v achieved or done in 2009. Even those who'v had a bad year can find somthing to be proud of im sure.. Even if its just finding the emotional strength to deal with it! :eek:)

il go first, :eek:)

Im proud of myself for jumping from the un-known and leaving hairdressing.. i am much happier now. :)
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Devon Dolce

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Great post Fern!

I'm proud that I left a job that made me miserable in August and took the plunge and went freelance! xxx


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I'm proud that I've managed to keep this weight off for a full year! Woop woop.
Apart from that, I'm happy to still keep plodding on doing what I do, being happy with OH, DD and doggy. Shame I have to work but it's paid for some lovely lovely holidays and I look forward to 2010.


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well i am proud that i have managed to get nearly 2 stone off and despite my blip (usually after about 8mths of dieting) have not put it all back on


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I'm proud of the fact that since finding SW and this forum in May 2009 I have managed to loose 2½ stones.....


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I'm proud to have lost 33.5lbs this year and got into a 16. Now for the last bit!


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I'm Proud of losing loads of weight, and feeling better for it.
for becoming more outgoing, and less afraid to show/be who I am.
and going through a difficult time and surviving, and coming out stronger for it.

....what an awesome thread :)


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Are we allowed to pick more than one?

Oh goody ...

> I'm proud to be sat here typing this a full 66lb lighter than I would have been last year
> I'm proud to have finally got the bottle to go swimming this year, and enjoyed it (in fact, today I have paid £100 for a 4month swimming pass at my local pool)
> I have started a new job (leaving a job behind I loved and was very comfy in) and am now a High Speed train driver (for 16 days now!)

2009 has been the best year of my life so far, and I have been told that 2010 is gonna be even better. By me :)

Happy New Year everyone!!

maxine uk

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im proud ive lost a total of 4 stones 4 1/2lb since june (09) been true to myself and have new friends :)
i will be even more proud when i lose the next 3 stones 12.1/2 :)


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i am proud that i have lost 5st 10lb but mostly that i have stuck with it for almost 1 year even when its been tough i not given up.


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I love it Fernie! :D

2009 was, overall, a good year for me. I have a lovely OH, fab little house, cute cat, and job that I enjoy (although would give up if a decent lottery win came along!)
I am proud of myself for being on plan pretty much all year and being within spitting distance of my target. I am almost happy with my figure and I own 2 items of clothing that are size 10...and they FIT ME! Oh, and for finally having the guts to have my long hair chopped off!


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I am proud that I managed to complete my pgce and get a PERMANENT teaching job - which I love.

I am also proud that I lost 22 pounds - looking forward to losing the next 6 pounds and getting down to my slimming world goal!


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Wow, you lot have done so well x

I don't know that I can say I've done anything I'm proud of. 2009 has been a great year:

Met my OH on 4 April and he is the best thing that ever happened to me. My son gets on great with him and his daughters. I get on fine with his kids. We've been living together since mid-August (I know it was quick but it was right) and couldn't be happier.

On the other hand there has been the problems such as his ex being a total b**ch from hell, 1 of his best friends living with BFH's stepsister & the other one living with BFHs best friend, his children having far different outlook/ethics to how I was bought up etc

BUT the cons are totally outweighed by the pros.

Walking to SW tonight by OH told me he is very excited about 2010 as we will be together from the start.

So, at the end of December 2010 I have every intention of posting that I'm proud to have lost 4 stone and to have worked out how to live with the irritating niggles while enjoying my life xx


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I'm proud that i actually stopped moaning about my weight and did something about it by joining SW.

Also proud that i managed to save up for long enough to go on a wonderful holiday in Florida in Sept. Was amazing
I'm proud that I've decided to take the weight loss bull by the horns for what WILL be the last time.
I'm proud that I finally found a permanent job after 2 years of temping and no security at all.
Most of all, given the year that I've had, I'm proud to have gotten through it. Not trying to be a drama queesn or owt, but this has been possibly one of the worst years of my life and I've been at rock bottom. So I'm damn proud of the fact that I'm steaming ahead into 2010 almost in one piece!


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I am proud of myself for giving up smoking and also for getting through a rubbish year living a long way from home due to my job. Back home now and hoping for a fantastic year in 2010.


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I am proud that I finally started university so now Im a student nurse and I love it

I am proud that I married an amazing man this year


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I'm proud of myself for not giving up when it really counted, I'm proud that I found someone who loves me unconditionally, fat or not (yes he really loves my flab), I'm proud I got through this year at uni and will be graduating 2010, I'm proud that I'm still not smoking, I'm proud that I've thrown myself into the unknown in many areas of my life and am determined to succeed no matter what!!! I can't wait for 2010. It's going to be my year I guarantee!!! Well done everyone!!! xxx