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2011 Change of life

a little late in starting this diary i guess but here goes,
had a few things happen over the christmas of 2010 and when 2011 hit i made some long term changed to my lifestyle,
i joined the DW gym going between 4-5 times a week and introduced swimming into my programme as well as weight training and other cardio. i started out in january at around 17 stone im 5ft 4 in height and 21 years old, my last weight in was a few weeks ago and that was 15stone bang on so 2 stone gone in 6 months, not a huge ammount i guess but certainly has been an achievement and hard work, i have always had losses and maintains since january not one little gain so im rather pleased with that and with weight training im led to believe muscle weighs more than fat and been told to watch the mirror more than the scales.

i will be uploading my weekly regimes and changes along with a few snapshots and body tests as i do them.

thank you for taking the time to follow the journey with me.
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Well done on the losses so far :)
Good luck
thank you :) off to the gym at 5 first day back after 6 days off from sunburn! looking forward to it!
i agree with what u say lol but its because your losing fat but gaining muscle so the scales dont always compensate however im now another 2lb lighter! not bad to say iv not managed to hit the gym as much in the last 2 weeks gave me the motivation to have a hard session on the treadmill and weights though :) and then a nice peri peri chicken with rice n veg for tea!
gym hit hard again this morning working chest and biceps on the free weights and 20 minutes on the treadmill. time for work now dinner today is,

breakfast: ss milk and 2 weetabix
lunch: small portion fresh pasta, chicken breast and pesto
tea: peri peri chicken rice n veg,
snacks: banana

and lots of water!
day off work today so got up early at hit the gym for 8am did 25 mins on treadmill and legs on the weights today, nice jacuzzi and steam room after then just done about 2 hours walking around the town deciding on what to buy to where for a meal out tonight, thank god thats done now lol

2 x small brown toast with dairley light
pasta for dinner
going out for an indian tonight! so be a small portion of something that obviously aint gonna be healthy!


In it for the long haul..
2 stone in 6 months is a fantastic acheivement :)

Good luck with your ongoing journey, it seems like your head is really in it - and that is half the battle!

aims xx
thank you for your kind comments :) well i went for the indian tuesday night had a few drinks and didnt eat much actually where normally i would just fill my face lol, decided to walk home about 2.5 miles after the meal where others got a taxi :) then went to the gym first thing in the morning yesterday

had weetabix for breakfast, chicken n rice for dinner, and chilli n rice for tea, all small portions around 4-500 kcal per meal.

working a long 15 hour shift today. shamefull i know! :( 2x toast for breakfast, chicken rice n veg for dinner but i dont have any tea as iv only just been told im now working till 10 :-/ guess that means gyms out the window today.


In it for the long haul..
Well done on the Indian - I think that eating out is one of the biggest challenges we can come up against and you've breezed it :)

And all that walking; no wonder you're doing so well!

Have a positive day :)
well iv not been on here for a few days had my 22nd birthday saturday so had the weekend off work and a nice meal in tgi fridays and a night in the city :) however i went to the gym friday and then again monday and this morning for a personal trainer session, weighed in yesterday and -1LB loss :) well happy with that really considering the weekend.
This made great reading, well done on the weight loss so far, and a belated happy birthday. Just goes to show that with determination you can celebrate sensibly.

Hats off to you for hitting the gym, that's a swear word in this house lol
wow i didn't realise it has been so long since i updated this!

ell where to start, i had a injury at the gym in my arm from lifting still healing but getting there and started to lose motivation at the gym! I'm hoping i can pick up and get back on track now! i have been away and a lads holiday to magaluff.. lets just say the new way of living didn't last out there....

but on a positive note i haven't been on the ball 100% but have slowly still managed to lose another stone! bringing me down to around 14stone now, i would like to get to just under 13stone for christmas ideally. very achievable i think and I'm back in the gym at 1pm when iv finished work!

just need to find that motivation... now where is it :-/
well I'm doing much better and have started outdoor running, its a big change to the indoor gym so I'm doing the c25k challenge so far so good, have just downloaded the podcasts so tomorrows morning run will be a little more challenging from now on :)
another good day and up at 5am this morning before work, completed the run again with a new podcast playing and managed to shave 2.5 minutes off my time, I'm well pleased!
another very much needed update...

Well i lost my job in november but luckily managed to be given an oppurtunity i grabbed with both hands of becoming a trainee business development manager and on the side lines of this im not currently in process of starting up my own company as well of mobile and computer repairs!

as for the weight.... its been a little up and down really

i decided to change gyms in the new year something fresh and different so it wasnt the same thing and so far so good i have been monday to friday religiously at 6:30am since new year. mainly doing weights for an hour however from today im not doing weights for 1 hour then cardio for 30-60mins depending on time for work.

eating im still just watching what i eat although its not been great just lately after gettin on the scales and seeing i have gained around 5lb i need to change things before i end up 3st heavier again like i was.

thats all for now and thanks for reading :)
another good session this morning, 45 minutes of chest workout followed by a nice 30 minute treadmill session running 2 mins at 8.5 and walking 2 mins on 5.5 :)

at work now and just munching into 2 x weetabix and ss milk :)

Chicken chowmein chilli noodles for dinner!

undecided on tea tonight :-/
well thinks are going in the right direction again its been a long process since last january falling on and off etc but i feel when i have bad days i still make good choices if that makes sense,

still doing the gym just need to push myself that bit more

iv been eating really well monday to friday and few treats at weekends for the last few weeks and things have started moving again! lost another 8lb and now finally into the 13's been stuck in the 14's for about 6 months! just wasnt trying hard enough i guess but iv made it and i wont ever see a 14 again on them scales now. now my next challenge is to get to the 12s iv now lost 43lb and have the final 50lb to go... sounds daunting thinking its so much still but im almost half way there now!

thank you for anyone who is reading
well i think i can say im truly terrible at keeping this thing updated i spent too much time reading other peoples :-/ iv started training again properly on a morning 6:30am each morning with 2 friends 1 being a trainer so he is pushing me on my weights which i can bloomin feel everyday! iv lost another 6lb since my last update so now that is 49lb lost! and 44lb to go! im past the half way mark now wahooo! was tempted by a before and after picture being posted up if i dare!
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