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2011 - The journey commences....

Hi all,

Thought I should get round to writing a bit of a diary!

Some background: About 5 years ago I did LL for 7 months, lost a huge amount of weight and then managed to put almost all of it back on. So, here I am again - this time determined to get it off and keep it off! My life has changed completely in the meantime - I moved overseas, got married and got myself a social life whereas when I did LL I was single and so unhappy I didn't go out much. Because of this, starting Exante has been a whole new learning process of how to fit it into my life - still working on that one and suspect I will be for a long time yet! :D

I'm almost 3 weeks in (WI tomorrow). Weeks 1 & 2 were 100% TS and around 4.5l of water a day and I got amazing losses. Not convinced the second weeks reading wasn't a "false one" though as I haven't really gone down at all this week. No problem though - my waist has gone down by 6cm since last week so I know its working and it'll show on the scales when its good and ready!

On Friday night I gave in and did AAM for the day. Mainly because I was bored and fed up that I couldn't go out for a meal with my friends (didn't feel strong enough to go out with a bar and a bottle of water!) - so I did go. Although I'm sad I ate, I'm pleased that it was just chicken and nothing else. And it made me so happy to be able to go out and be "normal" for a night! Strangely it also made me even more determined to be 100% TS yesterday and today to minimise any effects when I WI tomorrow.

Will be out again on Monday for Valentine's day and only hope I can be as disciplined as I was on Friday. I need to be able to do this occasionally and stay in control - this was the problem last time, after 7 months of total abstinence I just went mad when I could eat. I need to learn to control food this time, so it will be great if I can add in the odd AAM night out.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you...

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Good luck Chobe, sounds like you're doing well. I done LL a while back and did ok but after deciding to call it a day put the weight back on, and more! So after too many false starts with Exante I got the head screwed on last Monday and have my first weigh-in tomorrow. I know at some point I'll want to AAM but for now I want to get fixed on the new regime. Hope the meal goes well tomorrow. Good luck.
Thanks ladies for your comments. I think I am in the right frame of mind this time - just want to have more energy!

Week 3 WI was only 2.25lbs down. I know I shouldn't be upset after the fantastic 2 weeks I've just had, but its hard not to feel a teensy bit narked. Just have to console myself with the fact my stomach has shrunk so much!

Oh well, here's to week 4!
So, my planned valentine's meal didn't go well - well it did, we had a lovely time :D but my eating plan went out of the window I'm afraid. :mad:

Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say and I'm back on it today. Haven't craved food at all, all day, as I still feel stuffed from last night. I have really struggled to get the water down though and I think I might have to have 4 packs (which I'll let myself do for a few days to get back on it fully).

Just hope I won't have to suffer too badly at the next WI for my night out!
Well done on your amazing losses so far Chobe. I'm struggling to get through day 1 so that fact that you're into week 4 is a huge achievement. I also think we shouldn't be beating ourselves up for the odd night out, etc. As long as you draw a line under it and get back on the wagon asap the effects on your weight loss shouldn't be too great when looking at the big picture. Being 100% 6/7 days is surely going to be better for WL than eating whatever you fancy 7 days a week. Keep up the good work!
Thanks both. And yes I agree, getting back on it should minimise the impact in weight terms - its the pyschological effect breaking it has that makes getting back on it bloody difficult thats the real problem!

I have though decided I need to do (planned) random AAM days as its the only way I can do it, keep my social life and have a happy husband! Just need to leave the rice and naan alone next time!

Scotminx - don't worry it does get easier. Sometimes it feels like a day will go on forever, but then the next day its WI, your a huge amount down and everything is suddenly worth it!
Well I can see today is going to be a tough one. I have that "weak" feeling I always wake up with when just starting a VCLD. And I'm suffering, eeermmm, how can I put this, digestive problems after eating carbs on Monday :D Maybe that'll teach me why its not a good idea to eat normally whilst doing this diet.

Oh well, did have a sneaky peek on the scales and not done too much damage so thats good news....
Well 3 days of full TS - hooraay. But been really struggling with the water for some reason. Hoping for a good weekend ready for my WI on Monday. Been invited to a BBQ tonight though, not sure I'm strong enough to go and not eat so might not go. See how I feel later on in the day!

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