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  1. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    February 16th 2013

    I am so delighted that at last after nearly two years of being stuck my weight is finally on the move again! Record this year so far reads:

    January 7th - 14st 8lb .. 8th - 14st 7lb .. 20th - 14st 6lb
    February 5th - 14st 5lb .. 14th - 14st 4lb .. 16th - 14st 3lb

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  3. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    Awesome!!! Good for you!!!! you must be so chuffed :)
  4. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    February 18th 2013

    Dithered about this morning as to whether to go out for lunch then on looking out of my window I saw the postie coming with a parcel. As I was expecting a parcel I went to the front door and sat down waiting ..and waiting ..,. and waiting ?!? Then a flurry of footsteps running up the stairs in the hallway outside, a card pushed thro' my letterbox, and before I could open the door they were off!! Card read that "As noone was at home... etc..." I am telling you I was livid. Phoned the office who said they will get it delivered again tomorrow so will be putting a very large note on my door to make sure they (she) knocks properly. Of course it will be the usual thing that ..perhaps I didn't hear...etc. etc.
    Anyway, having got my dander up I just had to go out and went to my usual haunt..Morrisons ..for lunch and then on to Tesco for a bit of shopping, altho' tbh it was mainly just for the drive and to fill up with petrol.
    Had my usual "treat" and bought a pack of choc wafers but only ate 2.
    Calories today 1203
  5. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Tuesday 19th February 2013

    Lovely Linda called and gave me my massage...feel like a new person after that. My shoulders and neck are so relaxed and it's so well worth the £30. She is fitting me in on Monday next week so Tuesday I will hopefully be able to go for a swim... all things being okay.
    My parcel was delivered this morning with the young lady postie having a bit of a laugh saying "did I fall asleep?" After explaining what had happened and exactly what I had done she still went on to laugh and repeat that I must have fallen asleep!! That made me soo mad that I went and raided the fridge and ate loads of stuff which has put my total calories waaay over my limit... :mad: .. and then to cap it all the mugs that I had ordered were not what I was expecting! Damn!
    Another day tomorrow but not a good start to my new diary.
  6. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Wednesday 20th February 2013

    Weight has remained the same so am very pleased about that.
    Manicure today... Nail technicion says that the undercoat of gel that I have applied is very cracked and it needs to be taken completely off and started afresh. Agreed to that but then was astonished to find that when my actual nail was exposed it was just like paper!! End result of manicure is fine and looks very nice but I shall now leave my nails to grow out properly in order for them to regain their proper strength.
    With my initial visit being to just get my usual "cut and fill" as they term it, which costs £20, the complete redo was £38...Ooops!..So I didn't have enough money on me. The young man, who I had not seen in there before, was in quite a dilemma and was telling me that if I had a card someone would go with me so that I could get the money..!?! .. :eek: .. Talk about feeling like a criminal...Well eventually he went out the back and had a word with someone else who came out and as soon as she saw me said it was okay to bring the extra money in later.. What a relief.. :doh:
    From there I went to B&Q where I was just in time to get their mobility scooter as someone had just returned it... such a help when going round a big store. Bought some water filters and some new taps for my kitchen. The taps that the council put in are such rubbish and I have to turn them off with all my strength to get them to stop dripping. Then of course, turning them on again is a real trial especially first thing in the morning when I am not at my best.
    Couldn't wait to get home as the weather had turned absolutely bitterly cold and going back to the nail salon was out of the question. I'm sure they won't mind my taking it in another day.
    Just for once I was not totally exhausted when I got indoors and the next thing on the agenda was a nice hot cuppa...nothing like it is there? .. :D
    And diet went very well too so big tick for me today! .. :checkmark green:
  7. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Friday 22nd February 2013

    Hairdressers today and a very nice person my new stylist is turning out to be. Then on to nail salon to pay the £8 that I owed. Next .. aVERY slow crawl along Dereham Road as there are lots of roadworks taking place..and eventually got to B&Q to return the taps. After going onto a DIY forum I was advised to contact the council again as it is up to them to make sure things are okay...and if I don't get it properly sorted this time I shall try contacting Help the Aged.
    Went into Asda and was everso good... :innocent0002: ... didn't buy anything like cakes or chocolate, just got some birthday cards for certain people this year and then was going for my yearly treat of McD's but there were too many kids sqalling and running around so made a quick exit.
    Home for a lovely hot cuppa.. once again very glad to get indoors as it has been really blinkin' cold again.
    Delish meal this evening. Jacket potato with peas and liver which I have at last found out how to cook without it becoming a piece of leather.
  8. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    :8855: Sorry but this had me in stitches!! just the way you described it1 truly though has happened to me before - been home all day and then suddenly a note is in my mailbox saying they came and i wasnt here... eh?? :confused:

    Happened to me too - i had lovely nails - then they took it off :( my nails have only just got back to normal :(

    Oh great job :) and as much as I love kids - sometimes their screams and noise can be irritating if one has a headache - or ears... :p
  9. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Thanks for the post I&S ... glad to know someone is reading my diary again.
  10. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    Its all about sticking together and support :) has really helped me :) you are doing so well!!!
  11. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Saturday 23rd February 2013

    Had a right lazy day... got up early enough to hear the C&W music on radio Norfolk which was very good and then did one or two very minor jobs. Feeling rather tired I actually went back to bed and slept soundly for a couple of hours.
    Had a very peculiar dream.. I was in a hiding place and hand grenades were being thrown at me but I was just catching them and throwing them back. Seemed as if it went on for quite a while altho' I know of course that dreams are very fleeting. When I woke up I just couldn't make out if it was real and it took a little while for me to get back to reality!.. :hide:
    Must admit tho' that the rest of the day I have spent being absolutely lazy.. just lolling about and posting on various forums...I am on at least 15 or more which keeps me busy.. :fyi:

    Was going to keep my calories down to a minimum today under the circumstances but at least it's all been good and healthy stuff.
    Calories 1194
    Last edited: 24 February 2013
  12. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    wow crazy dream! I have so many weird ones as well I would love to visit a dream interpretor one day - would find out an awful lot about myself... LOL
  13. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    I have always been one to analyse things and having looked into this sort of thing before it's not really that hard to interpret. Dreams usually show up in an exagerated fashion the way we are feeling. So this particular one I know is about the stress I am experiencing due to an ongoing dispute or perhaps I should say being at odds with others...Don't really want to say much more about it than that. However, it's so weird as you say, in the way this is manifested.
  14. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Sunday 24th February 2013

    Quite a good day today altho'I haven't done anything particularly interesting at all. Made another boiled fruit cake which is so-so easy. Trying to use up some dried fruit before it goes completely manky. Cake really is delish.
    Looking forward to my massage tomorrow and I am so delighted that the pain in my shoulder has been quite diminished this week.
    One other of my many ailments .. :D .. is that as soon as I lie down my nose blocks up and often stops me from going off to sleep. I often use nose drops but they should not be used too much so I have the Breathe Right Nasal strips which go over the nose to open it up. However, the ones from the shops are very expensive at 10 for £4 and the sticky back is not at all good.So I bought a pack of 30 for £7.61 off Amazon which is such a good saving and the sticky is extra strong...and peeled the skin off my nose!! .. :eek:

    Calories have gone rather a bit over today which was quite a shock but not going to worry over an extra 100.
  15. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    How annoying regarding the nasal thing - isnt it amazing how much prices differ for pretty much exactly the same product :eek:
  16. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Absolutely! I buy quite a few things on line as they are much cheaper.

    Monday 25th February 2013

    Had a rather restless night and got up about 10am and then fell asleep in my armchair again!! :confused: Get really annoyed when that happens as I had a lot to do today. However, did manage to change my bed linen and tidy up a bit before my lady Linda arrived to give me a massage. All went very well and feel great after it. She gave me her list of treatments and one of them is "Ear Candling"..Never heard of it before but it is supposed to help clear sinuses so am having that done next week as well as the massage... Should soon be like a new person at this rate.. :giggle:

    WI this am..gained 1lb! It's the fruit cake I made..not a good move! .. :copon: .. ended up having too many slices.

    Today has been good.. spag bol for my evening meal with loads of salad. Calories today 1230
  17. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Hey Emmaline. Thought I'd drop in and see how you are doing. Sorry you had a gain this week, but well done for the weight you have lost so far! Take care, Caroline.
  18. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Thanks Caroline...It's gonna come off this week PLUS!! .. :sign0151:

    Tuesday 26th February 2013

    Had a great swim this afternoon..30mins, followed by 10mins in jacuzzi and 15mins in steam room. Feel fantastic. Just hope I don't get too many aches in the morrow altho' having a steam usually stops that.
    Works out that apparently my exercise has given me an extra 263 calories so total today is 1525.
  19. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Wednesday 27th February 2013

    Up quite early 8.30 to be precise! ..wonders will never cease!
    Did a few jobs before my cleaner lady arrived. We always start off by having a good ole chinwag.
    Then council workman came to see to my kitchen taps. Thought he would most probably fit new washers again as before but this time I was delighted to find that he put in some lovely new lever style taps...Yeehah!!
    Then Tesco grocery delivery which had to temporarily go in the bedroom but Carol..my cleaner lady, soon sorted that and put them away in the right places.
    After all the to-ing and fro-ing I felt quite exhausted.. :D .. and had a bit of a snooze waking up about 7pm. Didn't feel like doing a cooked meal so had banana, fromage frais and icecream... yummy!
    Good calorie count..total 1259 Carbs 156 Fat 44
  20. Itoy & Suerti

    Itoy & Suerti Life is what you make it

    Emmaline you are doing fantastic!!!
  21. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Thanks for that but I'm afraid not quite true at the mo'!

    Saturday 2nd March 2013
    oday is not my official WI but am now back to 14st 6lb! .. :badmood:
    I know I only have myself to blame... but ..(here come the excuses!) it's just soo annoying how the urge to snack on all the goodies continually sneak in.
    Having had quite a good week otherwise... Massage on Monday, brill. Swimming on Tuesday, very good. Home help on Wednesday who did her usual great job plus I had man from council call and fitted some lovely new lever style taps in the kitchen and hairdo Friday followed by my U3A group discussion where we had a really good laugh and chat with cuppa and shortcake biscuits!

    So next week is going to be a massive effort to stay on track and get some of this flab shifted....I know I keep saying that.. but fingers crossed I will do my very utmost.. Honest injun! .. :D

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