21 days to break a habit


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So rumour has it, that it takes 21 days to break a habit!

Tomorrow will be my 21st day of SSing 100%.
Tomorrow will also be my 21st day of:
- no caffiene (I LOVE coffee)
- no fizzy drinks
- no alcohol
- no drink of anything that isn't water

I used to drink a vast amount of Diet Coke (upwards of 2 litres a day). On 1st October I went cold turkey. I gave it up for 21 days, and then allowed myself a once a month 'fix', plus I could drink DC with Vodka, as long as I didn't up my vodka intake!! So, even before I started CD I had made some good changes. Although I had kept it up for 3 and a half months, I still did not feel in control. There was still a risk that I would walk into the next newsagents and buy a DC! It used to scare me. I stopped walking the same routes I used to, just to try and ensure I didn't slip. It worked, but I was very 'on edge' and felt I could sip at any point.

So - do I really think that tomorrow - Day 21 - I will wake up and no longer have any desire to eat anything/drink alcohol/do anything naughty!.......

No! I definatly don't think that's realistic! But I am hoping that I have stuck at this long enough to break some of the bad habits I have been living everyday for the last 15 years, and just maybe I will start reaching for the water...rather than ramming it down my throat!
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Nope but you are well on the way to it. I sometimes feel like having a Diet Coke - like you I used to drink masses but I can honestly say I hardly think about it now. The sole source 100% is a good one. I've now done 119 days of being 100% on CD and can honestly say I haven't "cheated" once - again food just doesn't feature for me - I can still and watch the kids eating all sorts of yummy stuff (most of which I have cooked) and there is not a hint of temptation.

I guess its a bit like a bereavement - you know you still miss them but that acute heart wrenching pain does go - you don't notice it going but one day you look back and realise that whilst never forgotten you can remember them happily without that terrible heartache. I guess its been a bit like that for me with CD. I can't say when the cravings/temptation etc stopped but they certainly have. (Lets just hope when i start to introduce food again it doesn't all go haywire!)