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:wave_cry:Hi everyone:wave_cry:
well im back after a couple of really silly days,
well thursday weighed in and hadnt lost anything, i felt sick with dissapointment, and seriously fed up, of working hard, and depriving myself, just to see no results, so i thought you know what sod it whats the point, ill never get anywhere, im destined to be fat.
so i ate.......and ate...& ate....:cry:
everything from chocolates to chinese to ice-cream, noodles packed with cheese everything you can think of i ate it,
but i woke up this morning with a different head, they way i was eating on my diet was wrong, not eating all day then just having tea,
it just dosnt work!
so brand new day, started the day of with a shake, & will be going for an hours walk later when OH gets back from work. and this is what im going to do everyday untill little boy goes back to school. then im starting gym,
im sorry ive not been around giving you guys the support you deserve, but im sure your all doing fantastic xxxx love Kim xxx
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lol i need a good size bloody 12 some times,
its just so hard when you've been working hard all week,
i even went to tescos & they have these gourgeous millionaires cheesecakes £4 a time, & i swear angels made them lol.
but i thought no, dont you dare, and i didnt , but i wish i had of now, wouldnt of made much of a difference.
but today was a new day & i felt good when i woke up and so far so good, i even went on a nice long hours walk, and i feel all refreshed but knackered lol.
good luck for monday im sure you'll do fine, and if you dont ive got the size nine boot ready and waiting - lol literally other halfs size is 9 lol xxx
Ahhhh Kim, so sorry you felt crap :( It's so difficult and I could easily pig out too.
Good for you for starting again though, and don't worry about what happened, you're only human!!! I'm sure you'll do absolutely brilliantly, keep us updated :)
i know but youve done brilliant so far, i should take a leaf out of your book!
but today so far ive done exellent and really looking forward to tomorrow,
tbh im thinking of weighing myself 4 weekly instead so im not to dissapointed if theres not much of a loss. what do you think x
Well done on your fab day! I sometimes think a monthly weigh in would be better then we could get a better idea as some weeks I lose more than others (often dictated by monthly cycles!) However I wonder if I can hold out that long to weigh myself!! Will power is not my strongest point! (if I was I don't think I would be the size I am!!!)
I agree definitely with tracking it monthly, problem is, I couldn't wait that long!!! :crazy::
I think that if you don't lose any (or very much) one week,then it's good to track the wider picture over a month character00116: Perhaps chart it every 2 weeks or something and see how you get on?
well im always heavier on monthly cycle's well i think all women are as they retain water.
but the reason i think it would work is after a week and ive not done great i think whats the point, but after a month id probs think why waste all my hard work,
but like everyone else could i really wait that long!!