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25k bike machine vs 5k run


Les Mills Fitness Freak


Les Mills Fitness Freak
anyone? :(


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I am not sure, but I can say it's completely different!!

I find different machines very different, for example I can go for an hour on a crosstrainer and only 10 mins on a treadmill.

I began running last year and I was going to the gym 4 times a week. Running was a lot harder than I expected and it took me a few months running 3 times a week for a good few months until I was fit enough to run the 5k completely! However the week after I completed the 5k I did a 10k with no extra training :)

Good luck!!! Just try and get 10 mins of running in before and after your work out!? Park the car a 10 min run away from the gym! Or run home?


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you are a small lady but running is still weight bearing, as opposed to bikes and crosstrainers, so your muscles get fatigued a whole heck of a lot quicker. You've got extreme fitness and stamina behind you from what I can gather, but you probably need to do a bit of running somewhere in amongst the training :p
gina_b said:
just curious here, but im doing a 5k run this year but with no time to train for it. im currently doing 25k on the bike machine in the gym, how does this compare to a 5 k run?
There is a really good plan called C25k which builds you up to doing 5k from nothing, over 9 weeks. I can easily cycle on the static bike for an hour but to run outside is totally different. I've started the plan and already at wk4! And it only takes about 20-30 mins, 3 times a week


Les Mills Fitness Freak
the only running i can actually fit in is probably to and from the gym, and on the weekends...
im in the gym straight after work so i might run it there instead of walking it or getting a lift (only takes about 25 mins walking)
on the weekends i can do a proper run, so ill add that in somewhere...
just determined to run the race for life, walking isnt an option and neither is jogging it, need to really push myself this time and that means no easy ways out :p

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