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25lb to go and it's killing me. Mrs Scoffalot daily diary.

Ok, so I have 25lb left to go and this morning I have jumped on the scales like I do every morning and they haven't moved AGAIN. 4 days at 12st 4lb.

Thing is I have been losing on average 3-4lb a week but now i'm feeling 3lb loss a week just isn't good enough as I want this diet to be over with by 1st Sept with a weekly loss of 3lb a week it's simply not going to happen is it?

Here's the maths bit

there is 7 weeks untill 1st sept
3lb a week x 7 weeks = 21lb. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Just for knowlage I'm on ss and at the moment I am getting totally fed up with it and I am starting to detest the food after 13 weeks. I know I won't make my target date now which has miffed me alot and now starting to wonder will I ever get there. the plan was to get to 10st 7lb (by ssing) then work up the plans. hopefully by the time I finish the diet I will be in the 9 stone region. I know people will think well it's only another 2 weeks of ssing but believe I think I might crack.

All I can think about is eating a bit of chicken and experiencing some different flavours and textures.


maybe I will feel better in a bit.
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*and breathe* :cool:

Hey ... look how far you've come already! :)

Not being funny here, but our excess weight didnt go on over night did it ;) so its gonna take a far few months to come off again. Give your body a chance to gets its head around your new skinny self!

Your last pounds WILL shift, ive been there before and the last couple of stones can be the hardest but they DO go.

Chin up xxxx
Hey honey, Wow you have done so well. Look the scales nearer the end can do that, mine would stay the same and then suddenly just drop. If you stick to SS and are not cheating at all and drinking the water the you should lose a stone in a month, which would mean in 7 weeks you could lose 25lbs. Just stick with it and try not to get on the scales before weigh in, just trust that if you are ss'ing it will come off.

Not sure if that helps hon, but just remember how well you have done so far xx
Thanks for your kind words.

I am feeling better today, have lost 1.5 pounds since yesterday (I know I shouldn't way everyday but I do)

so weight today 12st.2.5lb


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I feel your pain !!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder how with so less calories how we don't drop every day, It is so frustrating grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I think I am going to have a 2lb loss this week and have just made a post....scared I will go off track due to being annoyed it isn't more !
I am worried about losing so little too, this will be my first low weigh in, I weigh in on thursday.

I won't go off track I have worked to hard for that now and so have you! but I don't think I can help being totally gutted.



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Look at my stats, they are slow but they are coming off. I hoped to be at goal at the start of september but I won't be far off. If I accept that I'll be doing cd through September too then I feel less pressured. By Sept I'll be in smaller clothes and doing cd for nearly half a year. Yes, I want to eat but I want to be lighter more!
Congrats to you & you fab losses.
Thanks, looking at your stats there you and I re more or less the same, your losses are great you are doing really well and have a better attitude to the diet then I do. I think I have to just take it in my stride and realise I will need to be ssing for a bit longer and just accept it. surely another month wont kill me lol. much.

We will do it, we have come so far now. the job has to be finished¬!!!
OK so I weighed this morning and the scales say. 12.st 1.3/4.

Feeling a little better. Now i'm down to 22lb to go. I must confess to having a sip of coke zero last night. I don't know if that makes me not 100% any more or what but if anyone is wondering it tasted awful, like syrup almost but obviously no sugar. So I think whilst on this diet your taste buds do change. Will have to see if other tastes have changed for me when the time comes. hopefully I will deteste everything unhealthy and love everything very healthy. wouldn't that be great. can't see that happening though.

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