27lb loss in 2 weeks and I'm back!

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  1. zahara

    zahara Member

    Evening losers :)
    I began my weight loss journey a few months ago at 18 stone (the joys of having 2 children in 2 years). I managed to get down to 15 and a half within 2 and. Half weeks.
    I then had a move and used that as a poor excuse for a takeaway!
    And that was it.I just couldn't get back into it!
    So 3 months later and I'm back at 16stone.every day I find myself saying today is the day! But no today really is the day!
    I didn't have this forum to keep me strong last time,so here's hoping I have that extra bit of support I really do need!
    Any tips for the hunger? Or to stop missing food? Success stories are very much welcome as I need some inspiration!

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  3. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    Welcome back. xx

    27 lbs in two and a half weeks, WOW! this diet certainly suits you. Keep up the good work; you can do it.!!!
  4. zahara

    zahara Member

    Thank you!
    Exante is definitely for me! I'm just really struggling this time to stick to it!
    How are you doing with exante?

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  5. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    Good morning :)

    I am doing the working solution and the total solution combined.... I had a baby a couple of years ago and after breast feeding I lost a lot of my hair. It has since grown back however I don't want to lose hair again so I am throwing in the odd protein meal. My losses will be slower than most but I reckon I can still lose a stone a month, hopefully I shall be at goal by November.
    I am on day three today (5lbs down already yay) and I feel a bit lethargic however I am not very hungry. I am hoping ketosis kicks in properly very soon as I need some energy having a toddler lol.

    What day are you on? What are your favourite Exante products?

  6. zahara

    zahara Member

    Hair loss....I know it too well! Do you think TS could make it worse then? I was also considering WS but I can't trust n self with one small meal lol I'd end up eating the whole fridge! What protein meals have you made?
    I'm "OFFICIALLY" on day one today as I've been weaning myself off food so I don't go into shock mode and go on a huge binge.
    My fav meals has to be the porridge,shepards pie and the chilli! Have you taken a liking to any yet?
    WELL DONE on your 5lb loss! That's amazing!!
    How much do you have to lose?
  7. zahara

    zahara Member

    Ah and good morning! :) x
  8. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    There is a nutritional supplement called MSM that I have been taking since my initial hair loss. I had lost around 50% of my hair and I was very upset about it. I scoured the internet for days looking for a cure. I came across a hair-loss forum were several women had taken MSM and their hair-loss had stopped. I ordered some from Amazon and within three weeks of taking the supplement every day my hair loss (which had been bad for six months) stopped and my hair started to grow again and get thicker. Now, it is a year later and my hair is thicker than it ever has been. I have long hair and my ponytail is a lot fatter than it every has been. I still take msm (great for nails too) and won't stop. If I forget to take a tablet for a couple of days I know about it as my hair starts to shed a little. Just natural amounts of moulting but it reminds me to take my pills. And the moulting stops within a couple of days. It really is an amazing supplement.

    I have 3stone 7 pounds to lose (3st 2lbs) now. So I reckon I will be on the Exante journey for around 16 weeks. I have tried the soups and shakes... I prefer the shakes. I don't eat the foods or bars as they make me want to eat more. And the shakes are so sloshy in my stomach I feel full lol.

    What is your goal weight? xx
  9. zahara

    zahara Member

    Ah that's useful information.I've been really conscious of it recently. Is it expensive or pretty affordable? My hair seems to be coming out in clumps atm.
    I agree the bars are disgusting! However I looooove a shepards pie in the eve.gives me something warm and filling.but I know exactly what you mean! I'm not looking forward to the next couple days.I plan to drinkots of coffee!!
    I think you may surprise yourself and lose the weight before 16 weeks although 16 weeks is a good amount of time to lose the weight. As long as it's stuck to this diet really is amazing.
    I started off with 8 stone to lose. Now 6 stone. But I'd be extremely happy with 4 stone :) x
  10. Afternoon, I am on day 8 of Exante having lost 4 stone on weight watchers and put it all back on again. I am a bit alarmed to hear of the hair loss thing! When does that happen and does everyone get it? I also don't know when ketosis happens or how it will make me feel? Sorry to ask so many questions guys x
  11. zahara

    zahara Member

    Don't worry it's not the diet that causes my hair to fall out. I've has 2 babies in 2 years,that's my reason.ketosis is an amazing thing! Basically you'll get your horrible hunger pangs the first few days,then your body will give up and eat it's own fat,then the weight loss begins :)

    Well done on your weight loss! Amazing x
  12. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

    Mine was pregnancy related hairloss too. Msm is about £10 for a bottle of 90 tabs. I'll do you a link when ai get home. xx

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  13. Phew, thanks for the info Zahara. Well done on your weight loss s far! :) x
  14. zahara

    zahara Member

    Thanks tess I will most deffinitly try it. And thanks honey ;)

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  15. TessToo

    TessToo Is on a mission

  16. zahara

    zahara Member

    Brilliant! I'll deffo be getting some!...do you know if it also helps the condition of it?...
    Yep surprised myself and actually doing ok.my weak spot is the evenings! I try and find every excuse to eat and then get upset and can't sleep as I'm so hungry. So what I've done is I don't have any meals atall in the day,just water. And then in the evening I will have all 3 meal replacements,and go to sleep with a full tum. Works a treat! How is it going for you?!

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  17. I have the same problem in the evenings but cannot go all day without anything as I can't drink the water that I should. I have started cutting the bars in half so I can have my three meals then a snack with a cuppa in the evening.

    Great determination Zahara, well done x
  18. iwannabeme

    iwannabeme Full Member


    I am very interested in trying the MSM - how many tables a day do you take? My hair goes in phases of really shedding and thinning out and then doesn't seem too bad for a bit. I wondered if it was diet related but had also wondered if it could be hormonal?

    Thanks in advance!
  19. energygirl199

    energygirl199 Member

    I do the exact same, save all three or at least two for the vending about 7ish. I'm on day 17 and still hungry food is all. Think of and I'm bit miserable actually. I enjoy the exante food, but all this ketosis is great, I'm still hungry and still no energy. But I do have fibromyalgia, so didn't expect the energy part of ketosis. I have at least 6 pints of water a day. And have stuck to it 100% any idea why I'm still finding it so hard??

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