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2lb gain and so annoyed


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It is my daughter's 21st birthday on Thursday and the weekend was full of celebrations including champagne and of course lots of cake and food. The result is I think according to my scales (which weigh the same as class) that I have put on 2lb.
Weigh in day is Thursday and yesterday I completely cut back my syns using only 1.5 and will do the same today and tomorrow.
I am just so annoyed I ate rubbish and put my diet back :( It is also scarey just how quickly the weight goes back on so hopefully they will be my one and only gain.
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It's only one week... and it will come off just as quickly... a week is just a matter of a few days... you're already back on track, so the damage may not be as bad as you think. Don't worry... when I have times like that, I remind myself that for me, Slimming World is for the long haul, not a quick fix (though of course I'd love to lose it quickly and get on with my life, but it's just not really the way it works!). Life is always going to throw up little swerves in the path like birthdays, Christmas, etc. Enjoy it. If the majority of the time is sticking to the plan, then that is better than the constant poor eating habits that has brought us all to this point in our lives and the results will show, and will remain for life. That's the important thing to remember. A few days astray is not the end of the world. :)

Mrs V

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I agree with Minders. As long as you get back to it and limit the damage, you may just surprise yourself.
If we decided not to do any celebrating for fear of gaining weight, we would just become hermits and not have a social life at all!!! It was your Daughter's 21st birthday Hun, I think you are excused from the diet for that one!!!
2lb is that all! I think thats pretty good going for such a big occasion! Don't worry about it, get back on track and just see it as a one-time slip up. And dont beat yourself up about it! Maybe go on a long walk or do some extra exercise?
Good luck :)!
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Well worth it - much better than your daughter thinking you were being a 'stick-in-the-mud' and not joining in properly!!!

If you haven't already lost it by Thursday, it'll fall off next week!

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Don't beat yourself up over it! You still have to have a life! You're already back on track - fab! Try eating lots of speed foods and really just doing red days if you can - lots of fish and veg today and tomorrow. It worked for a friend of mine who ended up losing 2lb after 4 days off plan in Germany!
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I really wouldnt worry, to be honest its almost certainly water retention as processed carbs like white bread, CAKE etc cause your body to retain water.

My advice is to drink lots of water over the next few days and it will flush you through :)

Hope this helps



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S: 15st4lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 4st6lb(28.97%)
Ty everyone. I am sticking rigidly to plan and will see what Thursday WI brings. Hopefully next week will see a great weight loss though if this week isn't so good.


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Just want to echo the others - don't beat yourself up about it. You've done the best thing by getting straight back on plan - big well done for that - and if you don't see a loss this week, you'll see it next.

Surely part of long-term weight maintenance is learning damage-limitation - how to be "good" to make up for being "bad" once in a while. Sounds as if you're already on your way there.

Happy birthday to your daughter! I remember 21 . . .


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i think it sounds great that you had your fun for the 21st birthday then went straight back on track. its so easy to just let that spiral into a week of bad eating. i am such a culprit for that, but I will take your week as inspiration next time i have a naughty lapse! (which im worried will be this weekend! :-S)


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HON THE IMPORTANT THING IS YOUR WINNING THE RACE! it's not just a diet it's a way of maintaining just you taking the fact you had alot to eat and then watching what your doing for the few days after is such a big achievement and it should show you that your doing so well not just at dietying but changing your attitude. The reason we all get over weight is because we didn't think like that before and straight away you have so if i were you i would be mighty pleased with myself and to be honest i reckon you will probably lose on thursday three days at low syn and it falls off XXXXXX


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I think a majority of this forum will probably have a day off the plan soon for valantines day. The great thing about it is learning you CAN have your days off for the occassions as long as ya get back on track once its done- HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT! Ok it may effect the amount you lose- but who cares if ya enjoyed yourself and you know you will do 100% the next WI week!? I am really looking forward to my day off plan Saturday- but back to it on sunday! And i have saved my syns in preparation too! xx

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