2lb Heavier


Well...today is my third day and i am in ketosis, i have stuck to it 100%, and i got on the scales this morning and i am 2lb heavier, i am so despondent now i feel like giving up. Can anyone help me understand why this would happen. It is not totm or anything like that so i wont be retaining water, i am drinking 5 litres per day. The ketosis stick this morning was a dark colour.
Hiya Dizzy!

It IS water!!

You cannot put fat on when having 400 calories a day, it is impossible so therefore it MUST MUST MUST be water.

Hang in there and it will drop over the next few days.

No it totally is water... one of the girls in my group had lost 12lbs at our drop in on day 3, but somehow had "gained" 2lbs by day 7 - she followed the instructions to the "t".. but she had drunk LOADS of water. I'm sure I read somewhere (probably on here) that 1 litre of water can add 2.2lbs when you get on the scales.

This is why I don't have scales at home!!! ;) :D

Bet you'll have a great loss at the end of the week!
Don't depair - as the others have said, it's water. Next time you're at the supermarket, pick up 2 X 2 litre bottles of water and you'll be shocked by the weight of them.

I loaned my scales to my sister until I reach maintenance for this very reason. Some people are encouraged weighing themselves at home but I'd see one blip in the wrong direction and go into a tailspin!

Have faith though - stick with it and you cannot fail to shrink! :)

Firstly, I love the name...

Secondly, just had a sneek at your photos (hope you don't mind) and you look amazing. What a difference.

You should be so proud of yourself, the transformation really is incredible and it's all down to you.. Well Done.

Hope you put a picture up once you get to goal.

Take care
Thanks for the kind comments Mrs Roch! I'm not at goal yet though and am still a 'work in progress' ... I'll get there eventually! :)
It's true to say that losing weight has transformed my life though and even given me the confidence to take on a degree at University (hence the Uni pics!) .... something I'd NEVER have considered at my heaviest: I just wouldn't have had the nerve!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your pics when you're ready to post some!
There a couple of photos of me on my iblog but not full length versions - that's scary sight at the moment....

I'm off to a military function on 28th October (my partners a teacher with the Royal Engineers) and have hired a full length cocktail dress for the occassion. I'm really pleased with the dress as I thought I'd be so limited looking for a size 18. Actually looking forward to wearing it. Have booked to have my hair put-up as well so making a real effort. Would be nice to be a stone lighter as well.. but miracles and all that...

Will have a photo taken and put it up for everyone to see....
gulp!! :eek: :eek:
Gosh Mrs Roch!! You're a real stunner!

Post those function piccies when you have them - we'd LOVE to see them!
That's very kind thank you....

Steel determination to do that stone - started last Thursday so hopefully I can do it..