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2nd day of Xenical

Hi Everyone :)

Im on my second day of xencial today , and feeling very optimistic at the moment. Ive bought myself a lovely dress that im hoping to wear in october and is my goal to fit in :) Its only a dress size smaller but hey long as the weight goes I dont mind.

I was just wondering where I could find some tips on foods to eat, Is it right not to eat eggs?

Thanks and hello again xx
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Hello :)
It's my second day too so we're in the same boat! Hope you're finding it okay, I feel very motivated at the moment, just hope it lasts!

Not sure about the eggs sorry but I think they're okay as some people have mentioned omelettes in their diaries x


Not such a fat kat now :)
Im on day 11. Ive been eating eggs. I go for my first weigh in at my docs tomorrow morning! I really hope its been working. Ive been thinking of going back to slimming world as well but Im not sure.
Kayemm 55 , Im feeling quite motivated too, looking forward to the future. Nice to be at same stage as someone.Im going to try and weigh my self weekly as I know I wont be able to wait until I go back to the doctors in a months time :) x

toofakat- good luck with the weigh in,ive been thinking about rejoining slimming work. It would give me more motivation I feel and i like going to the group. Let me know how you get on and good luck again x


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I know some people have mentioned eggs bring on side effects for them, but I've been eating eggs and I've been abs fine!
Good luck with it!


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hi, welcome to the forum.
a lot of people on here, including me, use myfitnesspal (zosobaby if you want to add me!), from when i started using that i've eaten loads less eggs, they really are quite fatty, more fattening than i ever realised! x


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Hello and welcome..

Good luck...


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Colette, I know I'll be weighing myself daily, just can't resist, even though I know I shouldn't! x
Me too!!! I just can't stop this week for some reason....usually I'm ok, but this week I've been terrible....oh well WI in a bit. I usually WI on Weds night, but can't go tonight so going this morning!
Thank you for all the lovely welcomes,

I am on myfitness so I will add you zoso.

I gave in this morning and weighed myself and i've lost 3lbs :) I'm so pleased, know I have a long way to go but put a big smile on face. Ive now promised my OH I wont weigh myself until Sunday. LOL

Made a decision to go back to SW tomorrow night, so looking forward to that



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Well I had my official SW WI today and lost 3.5p.
From now on will trust in diet and tablets and try and stop weighing myself!!
Well I didnt give in and waited until Sunday to weigh my self again and ive lost 5 lbs this week so im happy.

I was just wondering if there was a part where I could find meal ideas that are low in fat and also things to snack on, as on my fitness it syas im not eating enough calories?

Thanks xx


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there is a thread from ages ago...i'll find and bump


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