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2nd day PUKE

I need some serious help here, on my second day today and just locked myself in my office, had my first shake and less than a minute later had to bolt to the loo and sicked it all out.:argh:

I can't think of replacing the puked shake, but I don't think I can wait untill my evening one (if I don't sick that one aswell!)

OMG I was so determined, but now.. I'm getting cold feet:sad0071:
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Hope so too, I'm more inclined to think it was me forcing myself to drink half a liter of stuff that I really hate, especially at 11am on an empty stomach.


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ah! in that case... use the minimum required water to mix the shake and have a glass of plain water or a coffee or tea before you drink the shake... it might help *hugs*


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poor you...sorry to hear your having a bad day with shake!!!! hope you feel better soon & the next ones a little less trouble....keep going it will be worth it in the end!!! caz xx
Oh nasty...

What flavour shake was it and how well mixed was it? I am actually doing the female shakes (3 shakes a day, each shake made with 250ml of water, all fits in a mug and can be drank in about 3 seconds). I know for a fact that I can't stand the chicken soup and unless I've thoroughly shook the stuff up to get all the lumps out if a tiny lump gets stuck in my mouth or something I will gag.

It might just be a taste thing with whatever shake you had this morning, remember 'mind over matter' and just think of it as nothing more than delicious nutrients:p
try your shake with hot water and put some coffee in, I always have mine hot in the morning otherwise I would never get it down. Sorry to hear your unwell. Hopefully it will get better!
Hey that happened to me one day wen I had missed a few shakes the day before. I was on my way home from my weigh in, on the dart, absolutely starving so I hastily made up a shake with the end of a bottle of water I had and gulped it down. It didnt stay down and all i can say is thank god i had a plastic bag with me. When I got home I made up another shake from one of my spares and sipped it. it stayed down and I was grand for the rest of the day. I hope you get better soon. my only advice is, always have water to wash out the taste and hold ur breath while gulping the stuff down
Have to say I don't find any of this stuff exactly gourmet but thank goodness the shakes don't make me feel like that....an you use less water in your shake it may help x
Oh no! Dont give up defate -it may well be a stomach bug. BOth my kids couldnt hold a thing down the last week -but they were in fine form in between being sick. It was strange.

Please keep going until you find your comfort zone -you'll do brilliantly I'm sure. No matter what you decide.
hope your feeling better I mix coffee with my shakes and have them hot pretending that its a chocca mocha( everything helps) keep with it
I know a couple of the guys use the female backs maybe worth having a chat with one of them
all the best



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Definitely sip your shakes, it usually took me about 30mins to drink the 250ml with a glass of water.

I stuck to strawberry morning, noon and night for the last 23 weeks, the others made me feel too sick during the first week.

If it is a bug, and you come off LT you'll be kicking yourself in 3 days time when you're all better, though because you threw it up so quickly I'm inclined to agree with you that you forced it down and your tummy rebelled! I have always suffered with tummy complaints, and with me a bug will make me sick within an hour, food poisioning within 3-4 hours, and not liking something but forcing it down within a few mins.

Thanks girls, I'm really touched by all your friendly concern,
Anyway now i've downed another 3 shakes since and its kinda staying down (and up) but I'm pleased i held on and now going for day 4! I still think the shakes are vulgar and hope I can hold out. I've so far only tried chocolate, thanks MU for the hot tip, it does slightly help.
Anyway thanks again for all the concern, you're a great group!
Try putting a spoon of coffee in the Vanilla or Chocolate its the only way I can tolerate them, I dissolve the coffee in a tiny bit of hot water then add the cold and its not so bad (assuming you drink coffee!)
Also I added a sweetener to my shakes (still do with the strawberry) because it makes them more palatable.

Try the peppermint tea with the chocolate one too -its great! Let the tea go cold before mixing with the shake or drink hot. Pppermint is good for digestion too! :D

I practically live off that ;)

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