2nd Time Around - 1st class tonight...

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by x-Katie-x, 7 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. x-Katie-x

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    ... came off LL last September (and left MiniMins :( - was Katie-Oxo) and have sadly put on over 3 stones since then - put on some and then felt bad and put on more, felt even worse and put on more etc etc .... anyway that was last year and to make a good start to this year I've contacted my LL Counsellor and have my first class tonight which I'm both dreading yet also really excited about.

    I'm sure I'll get all the support I need to help me along from here and I look forward to many months of that and of helping others along.

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  3. mustdoit

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    we ll support you evermore ....................... thats a football chant!! xx
  4. Buglet

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    Am in exactly the same situation - finished in about August last year - and have proceeded to put weight on - i didn't continue into management and now back to where i started. My first class is tonight also! Good luck!!

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