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2nd week - advice


Back to the grindstone!!
Hi guys,
I am just about to go into the second week and I am confused by the whole yogurt thing.. Can I just have one with my meal and which ones are best to have??? I was in the supermarket yesterday and it did my head in!!! There are so many!!!
I get the whole, as much jelly as we want, which is cool but the yogurt thing is a nightmare.
Perhaps I am getting my knickers in a twist over nothing but they are a bit twisted!! :eek:
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Hi Scott

If I remeber correctly you need to choose a plain, fat free one at this point as you are not yet at the fruit stage...I always buy the Total 0%, I found that one the best.

Someone else may be along in a bit that is at the same stage......
Scott - that completely threw me to be honest. I am not sure whether you have to have it with a meal as it suggests you can make dips with the yoghurt to have with your snack veg.

I avoided fruit yoghurts until fruit week just in case - and then stuck to the weight waters thick and creamy ones as they are only 50 cals each - mullers are 100!!

As Toots said the greek total 0% is the best option, although my local tesco store is always sold out and I have to get their healthy living one which is higher in cals - and far too tasty!!

Don't stress too much about it to be honest - as long as you don't go mad and eat them all day long you will be fine.



Back to the grindstone!!
Thanks guys, bought a tesco healthy living plain yogurt but to be honest, it was vile! Not really my kind of things. Good advice about the fruit thing, didn't think about that. Have decided that I can live without until fruit week!!!
Bit more relaxed today about things so we will see how the week goes!
Thanks again!

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