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2nd Week Panic! Help!

Hi guys, having a bit of a panic here and would love some advice or even just an "that happened to me" if possible.

I'm coming towards the end of my second week on SW and i'm having a bit of a panic. At my first weigh in I lost 6 1/2lb and was so happy, thinking that i'd found a diet that suited me and was so brilliant because I could actually still eat. Despite being initially skeptical of the plan, my success wiped all doubts away.

However, despite being on a high last week I am now on a low as I weighed myself tonight on the wii fit (which matched the SW scales on Monday) and found that I have put on a pound.

I am so confused because I have followed the plan even more religiously this week than the last and have not had more than 10 syns each day apart from thursday when I had 12 due to a BBQ party I had at my uni house.

Curiously enough, my mum who started SW with me is experiencing a similar problem. She lost an amazing 13lb in her first week and like me is now struggling despite sticking to the plan, I don't spend much time at home so our diets are different, so it seems that's not the problem.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? I'm dreading Monday, I just do not know what i'm going to say to the consultant and group!
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Don't sneaky peek! The Wii is notoriously inaccurate and your weight goes up and down by as much as 7lb from one day to the next. So what you saw today bears no relation to what it will say tomorrow. Honestly something posts exactly the same thing as you pretty much every week!

But even if it comes to the worst and you do gain, what does it matter? it wouldn't be the end of the world, people can gain for all sorts of reasons (including your body saying WTF after a big loss) but what make a slimmer successful is pushing past the odd blip instead of rolling over and playing dead.
I lost 6.5lb my first week and put on 3lb the second lost 4lb third week! Difference in 2nd week was I'd just had dinner!
You should never never weigh at home between meetings as lots of things affect it different scales time of day etc etc

Put your scales in the loft/basement/garden shed or preferably the bin! Chances are you've lost anyway!
Not going to repeat what circles & shirleen have said as its spot on. What i did want to say is don't worry about what your group or consultant say if (& its a big if) you gain. You wouldn't be the first, definitely not the last, and group is not supposed to be something you are dreading!! No judgements will be made xx


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Scale hopping! I am the worlds worst. BUT it taught me just how much our weight can fluctuate from one day to the next. It can also put you off plan by being miserable and we turn to food when if we had waited till weigh day we may well have lost.

I drink plenty of water throughout the day as I swear it helps.

To those that scale hop (as I do ) try this. Weigh yourself once or twice a day all week writing down all the weights . ie morning and evening every day for a week. you will be astounded how much our body weight can go up and down throughout the week yet we still lose on weigh day. Its stopped me scale hopping to be honest
Scale hopping is addictive (guilty) but not worth worrying about!

As everyones said body weight can fluctuate by 3 lb a day sometimes depending on what you've eaten how much etc!

I once let a 9 lb gain according to the wii screw me up - went off plan in a what's the point depression but ended up with a sts at. Wi!!

If you have to weigh just take it as a pinch of salt I'm sure your ave a great loss at your next wi xxx


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Dont weigh on your wii fit. My oh weighed himself on it and there was a whole stones difference in two days!! Keep doing what you have been (dont be afraid of having syns tho!) and im sure you will be pleasantly surprised come weigh in.
Funky_Munky said:
Dont weigh on your wii fit. My oh weighed himself on it and there was a whole stones difference in two days!! Keep doing what you have been (dont be afraid of having syns tho!) and im sure you will be pleasantly surprised come weigh in.
Omg that's crazy just shows how unreliable the wii is!! Shocked!! X
Funky_Munky said:
Funnily enough it got sold a few days later. Was sick of it playing the fat trombone music at me too!!
Omg this is so funny!! I hate that music and they way my wii mii gets fatter and then that music and her holding her fat tummy!! It's not fun lol!! Xx
Wow - I feel the same today - lost 2.5 last week (1st week) and it felt good and easy. This week I feel that I havent lost anything. And I have stuck to it 100%. Do you think I should have syns cos I dont bother as I feel happy and full. I still cant get my head around the fact that I couls have a Kit Kat legally for only 5 syns. So conditioned that chocolate = getting fat!! x
I do use my Wii fit to keep a check on my weight but it's not very accurate. It's told me several times that I have lost 1/2lb more than the SW scales tell me. I hate the way it doesn't weigh in 1/2lbs, it just says you have gained/lost a little since last time.

Repeat the body test several times in a row just to see, there can be a difference even within a few minutes.
I really stuggled with the second week, mentally rather than anything else - best advise is to wait until weigh in and see how you get on - the wii is awful for telling fibs. Stick at it though
- its worth it!


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a wii board is not going to give an accurate reading every time so dont let it dictate your weight losses for you.

Good luck for weigh in xxx
Thanks for the replies everyone, I admit I did use the wii fit today but it's told me i've lost the weight again so I think it really was mostly because i'd been weighing myself too early/late in the day. I'm feeling much more positive and will let you know how I get on later at WI! xx

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