2nd week weigh in (Sunday)


Sorry about your toilet problem but WOW both good weightlosses again.

Bet your really pleased for hubby especially.

Glad your both doing so well.

Dizzy x
Thanks Dizzy - I am so happy Hubby is losing well, I hope it continues. He is looking forward to getting to that 20 stone mark. XX

Can you both feel a difference yet? Any effect on his medical problems? Is he close to the 20 stone mark now?

My husband has now lost 3 stone and is 24BMI. looking good!, but he had been having lots of tests via bupa as his ankle wasn't working properly, the tests found eventually that he has a problem with a disc in his back and nothing can be done. However, his foot has started working now and we can only put it down to the weight loss!

It's so worth the effort!!!

Dizzy x
Apart from my trousers being baggy round the bum I can see little difference. Hubby looks slimmer already though he still has a long way to go. He can tell the difference on his knees already - very proud of him. He was 26stone at start now he is 23 stone 13 - but at 6ft 6" he doesn't look too bad :) . I filled 2 carrier bags up with 1 stone each and gave him them to hold and then feel the difference when he put them down.

Blimey cheriton
If you lost 3lbs with out using the loo for 10 days, just think what your weight loss will be when you have! :eek:

Well done to your hubby, my brother is back on cd now having lost 2 stone he had a week break and is now ready to lose the next 2 stone!

They do have the annoying habit of losing it quicker than us, but good on them for sticking with it eh! :D