2nd weigh in...phew!!!!!


well after a good start to the week and a then a mega binge on sunday night and a bit of picking over the past 2 days I braved it and went for wi this am and was pleasently suprised to find I had STS! I was very relieved to tell the truth!:cool:

I am having a few treats today as it is my birthday...wouldnt have done if I was in Ketosis and on a roll with CD but thought I would enjoy today and get back on the wagon tomorrow. :p
I want to and will get under 11 something by this time next month(11st10 now)...we are going out for my Mum and Dads 40th wedding anniversary and i really want to be 10st something and wear a lovely dress that I have got, either that or go out and buy a new one!!!LOL:)

I know i can do this and I know realistically if I get back on the wagon 100% I will have the 2stone I have remaining off in no time!

Just need to get my head in the right place, which is so much easier to do now that the kids are back at school and we have the return of routine!!!

Thanks for all your birthday wishes and for all the help I have recieved since being on CD....great to know you are all always there!!

Have a fab day

Love Lou X
Happy Birthday!

Hi Lou,

Well that was a nice Birthday weigh in for you and now with the routine of school you will get back into it for sure.

I have not hit the 12 stone as yet!

Weigh in is on Thursday...I stayed the same last week and I will end up the same this week if I don't move my body from this chair....

Enjoy your day.

Love Mini xxx
forgot to say........

i had a lovely card from a good friend of mine and it said.....

'Louise, you might be a yr older..but dont forget you are 3 stone lighter too!!!!!!'

really made my day!!!!!!!

Thanks Mini..you will get there honey...you are a real inspiration.so keep on at it and you will get to where you want to be!!

Hugs Lou XXX
Happy Birthday!!

Well done on staying the same! :) Its lovely when that happens if you have been dreading the weigh in!

I think your realistic attitude is an inspiration and def makes me think I can do it! You have to have a treat for your birthday! I bet you will do really well and be under 11 in no time! :) :) :)
Well done Lou for STS! I only lost 1lb this week, but its still in the right direction i guess. However, since WI i have been very good, and the scales are looking healthier. Just gotta be good over the weekend, my weak piont!