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2nd WI tonight

Hey guys,

Its the end of week 2 and I have to step on those dreaded scales.

Think my OH and I have done well this week. We weigh each other every day for thinspiration and I have been losing 1lb a day up until sunday and its slowed down to 0.5lb a day now which is all good.

Think I have done 6lbs this week..which, if its true, will take me to a 13lb loss this week. Great on one hand but bloody annoying on the other. Because I wont have hit that psychological barrier of 1 stone.

Never mind, a loss is a loss and I'll take whatever I get.

Its going ok though at the moment, though Im really hungry because all I have on WI days is a shake at 8am and a swig of water and I then go all day without anything as 1 litre of water is equivalent to 1kg!!! I weigh in tonight at 8pm...so Im going to be starving!

People have been telling me they can see a difference now in work...bout bloody time really seeing as Ive lost nearly 1 stone!!! Im fitting back into a lot of my old clothes too which is awesome.

Only problem is, Im really spotty at the moment and my period is taken ages to sod off! I always suffer with yeast infections (sorry, TMI) on VCLD's, so Im not looking forward to that. I had fungal tonsillitis last time as well as Intertrigo!!!
Such a passion killer.

Anyway, wish me luck and have an awesome day. Im in clinic at the moment and Ive got loads of patients still to see but I wanted to say hello and sorry Ive been a bit quiet recently!

Laura xxx
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is loving the soup?!
I bet you'll do fantastically! I couldn't do that on wi day, if I get dehydrated on this I feel terrible. I just allow for the 3lb the water and clothes seem to put on me.
GOOD LUCK tonight!
Sorry you're ill...I look awful, more spots than I've ever had, period nearly 2 weeks late (not pregnant!), pasty white...and I've a job interview on Friday.
Hopefully we'll settle down soon.
Have a wonderful WI!
Thanks Rachel!!!

I'll be fine, just concentrate on work and forget the lack of shakes/water...obviously Im not concentrating on work now though...LOL.

Try Estee Lauder doubleday wear concealer...best cover up EVER!!!!!! Seriously!

I hope my spots bugger off before the wedding otherwise people will think my OH is marrying a pizza! :)



is loving the soup?!
Lol : ) I'm sure they will xxx
God, no patients to be seen...maybe they've all stayed in bed the lucky sods!


is loving the soup?!
What department are you in?
I work in general medicine/department for the elderly but once a week I do a morning in outpatients clinic...Ive been doing this job for 2 months, its quite fun in a weird way.

Im doing a 12 day run this week/next week too...on call this weekend (2 x 13hour shifts sat and sun) so not impressed with that one!


is loving the soup?!
ooooh no xxx
I know, its gonna be really tough but to be honest, I'll be so busy I probably wont notice!
God you must be motivated to work your crazy hours and keep on this. I'm sure you will hit your stone barrier you know -even if it is the 13lbs you just suck in the other pound! ;)

Going for my weigh in now. Am scared! Weighed in at 161.8lbs today which is 11st 7.8lbs so I know he's going to round it up. 13lbs loss is 2 weeks is good enough for me though!

Wish me luck!


Silver Member
Can't wait to hear how much you lose hun x
Im back!

Yup. 6lbs off this week...13lbs in 2 weeks!

Im now 11stone 8lbs instead of the 12st 7lbs I was 2 weeks ago :)

Im pleased. And I dont have official weigh in for 2 weeks now so I'll have a nice big loss coming up again. Im aiming to lose 8lbs if I can in thos 2 weeks to get me to 11stone exact.

OH lost 6lbs too...he's lost 20lbs in 2 weeks!

Ive just gotten home and gulped a ton of water...going dry all day has worn me out!
well done...a great loss,...keep it up, you'll get that other 1lb off in a day or two!!:)
Well done, 13lb is excellent and you'll soon be through that stone mark. It is a psychological thing isn't it!


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