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3.5 Stone in 6 weeks - Thank You

Hi All, I come on this forum everyday and just wanted to thank you all for your inspirational stories and advice its been second to none. Without this forum I would not have been able to focus correctly.

I am feeling so proud of myself having lost 3.5 stone in 6 weeks. I feel amazing. Thanks everyone!:)
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Hi there
This is great achievement.
It is much more than the usual 1stone a month. How did u do this ? Any excercise etc.

HAve lost 5.9 in first week and although a 100% on LL i am not sure the 2nd week is going to show a big drop. Any advice would be helpful.
Congratulations on ur achievement.
Amazing loss well done! If you don't mind me asking, are you male or female? If your male it just makes me jealous that men lose so much quicker than women on LL. And if you're a woman...what's your secret?!?!
Hi, thanks everyone. I am indeed male, sorry lol. All I do is live on the toffee bars for breakfast and a cup of water. I have 4 cups of water for lunch instead of a pack and for my dinner I have all 3 Sheppard’s pies together and 2 more glasses of water.

My LLC said it was fine to do that as long as I felt okay doing so. I am away in France at the moment and have my next weight in a week today. So that will be 2 weeks without a weight in. I feel like ive lost more but I will be sure to keep you all posted.

Other people in my group including the men seem to drink tea and coffee etc where as I don’t and I am losing a lot more weight than them. They keep saying to me that it will slow down. However they have said this for the last 4 weeks and it still flying off.

I did find it difficult for the first 3-4 days and felt like robbing a pizza shop lol. However now I never ever feel hungry.

Well done Lee!!! I'm insanely jealous!! I struggle with my water intake, but if I get the same results as you I might start having more for lunch!!! Hahaha!!!

So pleased for you, and glad you're feeling the change!! I've found keeping my measurements quite inspiring, even if I don't "feel" a difference, my stats say otherwise!!!!

Good luck and keep at it!!!

Ps do you not get bored from shep pie everyday?!? Xxxxxxxxx


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Wow well done Lee!
I hope mine comes off as quick!
Cor I don't think I could go all day surviving. On water.
It's funny how everyone's taste buds are so dif I thought the shep pie was horrid! I'm loving the porridge only on day 5 and looking forward to getting bars on tues!
Thanks Jodie, I only drink about 1.5 litres a day too. I'm not a water person.

I am an NLP Practitioner so each time I come to eat a Sheppards Pie I totally change its imagine in my mind and imagine it as something else lol. I cant handle the shakes as the after taste just bugs me.

I bought some new trousers for work 3 weeks ago and they are already falling off me and look rubbish. I really enjoy people saying your trousers are very baggy and I think to myself thats brilliant lol.

Lee ;-)
Thanks Tia, It is strange isnt it. The other day I went all day with nothing but water then at 8pm I had my bar and my 3 Sheppards Pies. I used to feel hungry all the time or so I thought I did. When I come off LL I hope I hope I always have this feeling of fullness although I doubt it. Good luck with your journey, you will be amazed at the results :)
I think the fullness is something to do with an additive in the packs (or so I heard) Guam gum or something, expands in the stomach, which is why it should be consumed in 15 minutes, but that could all be rumours!!!

And no amount of thinking could transform my foodpacks!!! Hahahahaha!!! Kudos to you! Xxx
:) The aftertaste is a bit of a thing for me too, I just brush my teeth and found that helped last time, I also found some of the soups a bit bland so I add black pepper and tabasco :) the vegetable is good with a kick in, and the vanilla is good with decaff coffee it makes a fab latte :) I went off caffeine last time on the advice of my LLC and I havent re started it, it can make you retain fluid apparently so I stopped it x

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