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3 day challenge!


On A Mission!
I always believe that if you can do 3 perfect diet days then you have it cracked, for a while at least. So this challenge is for all those that are struggling to get a few good diet days under your belt to put you on the path to slimness!

The rules are
1. You have to have a 3 day plan you can stick to, and state what that plan is.
2. You have to post here at least once per day on the 3 day challenge, to update your thoughts and help keep yourself on track.
3. Weigh on the morning of the 1st day and then post your weight loss on the morning of the 4th day, for your total 3 day loss.

You can join the challenge at any time, just state your plan and when you are going to start it and I will be happy to keep you company while you get yourself kickstarted into weight loss mode.

Good luck with the kick start!
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On A Mission!
My plan is exante for breakfast and lunch, and dinner of lean meat or chicken and salad. Aprox 800 cals a day for 3 days should shift a couple lbs :)
OK! I seriously need those three straight diet days, because I can feel my grip on the wagon slipping.

So far I've been good, and I fully intend to drag myself down the gym today to do my program: 45 mins of cardio interval training, and some weights.

How is everyone else doing?


On A Mission!
I got on the scales this morning :(

When I got back from holiday at end of July I was up to 10.12, but dropped 5lb really quickly once I got back on track. But then Ive been busy with the house, everything is upside down and Ive lost my way a bit. So the upshot is that this morning when I forced myself to get on the scales I was 11.2lb. sigh.........

So now Im back on track with the 3 day kickstart!
Im already wavering though as im thinking about having a sandwich when I SHOULD be having an Exante shake. Bad bad thoughts!!

I missed breakfast this morning as ive been rushing around, so im hungry. My own fault. So now ive admitted the problem, im going to go away and have an exante like a good girl!
Me too please Lynn a mad weekend wedding and christening and ate loads scales are up 5 lbs :( in 4 days lol my oh my i plan to use a few cd/exante shakes too.

Good luck x


On A Mission!
How has everyones first day gone? Good I hope :)

Was a pretty good day for me overall, but panic mode has set in with some work that needed to be completed and that has completely occupied my mind this evening. Today I had an exante which was supposed to be breakfast and turned into a late lunch, then dinner was chicken breast, half a corn on the cob, and salad with a little bit of salad dressing. I was going to make yoghurt jelly for a snack, but just never got round to it, so Ive just had a plum. And thats me done for day 1!


On A Mission!
Today ive had 2 exante shakes. I had to go out this evening before I could think about dinner and have only just got back. Hubby opted for the chinese takeaway and I declined, really I could make do with another exante but hubby gets stressed about me 'not eating', so ive agreed to have some cold chicken and salad. Probably about the same cals as an exante but it keeps him happy lol. So my 2nd day has been pretty good :)
Well done!

My second day went very well too.

Exercise: 45 mins interval training the gym, 1 hour walk.
Food: Protein shake, 2 poached eggs on 2 bits of wholegrain toast with 1 tbsp ketchup, 1 children's portion IKEA meatballs with mash and gravy, a very small amount of veg curry, homecooked, no rice. Total calories eaten: 1300 ish, and I must have burned at least 500 too!

I was so pleased with myself: I knew that OH wanted to go to IKEA and that would mean meatballs, so I did my research and found out that the children's portion is only 400 cals (as opposed to 1100 cals for the one my OH had!).

Later we went for a walk in the woods and found a mushroom - it was one of those huge ones growing on trees: "Chicken of the woods".

I still had spare calories to play around with, so I made a teeny weeny curry using the mushroom, just out of curiosity really! I hadn't had this particular mushroom before. So far I seem to be fine / unpoisoned lol.

Bring on day 3! Bit worried about tomorrow, as I am having people over for dinner, and I'm not sure what healthy thing I can make. But at least I'm going to 2 gym classes in the morning, so that should probably make up for it...

Good luck tomorrow everyone!

And well done Lynn!

SL x


On A Mission!
Well done SL! good to see you are still going strong. If i hadnt commited to this 3 day plan I would have caved tonight with the chinese, so glad i didnt.


On A Mission!
Well thats day 3 done! Feel confident of a good result, my jeans certainly feel looser and even hubby commented that I had lost weight, albeit that he complains now if i lose weight haha.

Cant wait for weigh in in the morning!


On A Mission!
This morning was 10.9lb!! Thats 7lbs in 3 days whoopeeee!!

Im still 5lb more than I aim to be, but only 2lb over target weight now. Not a lot of hope of shifting the 5lb in the immediate future as have friend over for dinner tonight and big family party tomorrow, then next Wednesday we are out for a blow out celebration meal with friends and family. However, I think if do another 3 day challenge starting Sunday then I should minimise any damage.

Anyone else up for a 3 day diet challenge?

Glad you did so well, Lynn!

Yesterday I started off really well, with a healthy, low-cal breakfast and lunch. I even went to the gym and did a spinning class AND a body pump class, burning at least 700 cals in the process.

HOWEVER (here it comes!), my colleagues and boss were coming over for dinner, so naturally I had to make something impressive and delicious. I had promised them a real German meal for ages, and unfortunately there is no such thing as "healthy" when it comes to German cooking! I browsed my recipe book, and even the vegetarian dishes had bacon. Lol.

So I made stuffed roast belly pork, with my home-made Sauerkraut and mash. And crumble. And wine. Oops! But I was so good all day I lost a pound anyway this morning! Yay :)

I'm in for the next challenge, Lynn.


On A Mission!
Well done on the loss SL! thats fabulous even with your heavenly sounding meal last night. How do you make sauerkraut anyway?

I lost as much as I did because I hadnt been dieting for a couple weeks and a lot of that was simply fluid retention, but losing it has made me feel much better, much less bloated.

When do you want to start your next 3 day challenge? Im doing mine Sunday Monday Tuesday, to see off the damage that today and tomorrow will do lol. Im being good all day today though, I will just have a couple of exantes and then a nice meal this evening.
OK, I will do mine on the same days.

I've been invited to have pancakes at my OH's friends' house on Sunday, but I just told my OH I don't want to go. It's really lame, but I feel like all these food-based social events aren't even enjoyable anymore - all I want to do is be healthy and lose those final few pesky pounds! I mean, why does everything always have to revolve around food?!

I just calorie-counted yesterday's dinner on MFP. Big mistake!

Generic - Roast Pork Belly, 185 g: 951 cals
Mashed Potatoes - With Butter and Milk, 2 cup cooked: 312 cals
Generic - Raw Sauerkraut, 1 cup: 50 cals
Homemade - Apple Crumble, 1 slice: 365 cals
Blossom Hill - Pinot Grigio Chardonnay, 500 ml: 360 cals
Homemade - Real Custard, 125 ml: 256 cals

Total dinner cals: 2,294 :eek::eek::eek::eek: :break_diet:

I mean, I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad! Yikes. I think that's a comprehensive fail for the 3 day challenge.

So in total I ate about 3200 cals yesterday, and even with 600 cals burned with exercise, that's still 600 cals over maintenance, even!!!

*shuffles to road bike for a long ride and a little redemption*...

Deffo on for that challenge :break_diet:!

Oh and sauerkraut is easy but time-consuming to make: finely slice some white cabbage and put it in a big bowl with a little salt. You need to pound it until it's completely covered by its own juice. I do this by standing on it: my weight is probably the heaviest pounding device you're going to get! Then you have to put it in a bucket and find a plate that fits the diameter precisely, so is able to press down on the kraut while keeping much of the air out. Add some weights, wait 2 weeks, and the lactic acid produced in fermentation will have turned your kraut into sauer-kraut.

THEN you can cook it :)

SL x
Hiya all well done Lynn :) smashing loss whoop whoop. I have lost 3 lbs this week from my gain so another 3 lbs to go. :) yep I'm up for another challenge bring it on. Goof luck ladies x

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