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3 lipotrim tips...

Don't give up no matter how hard it gets, once you get in ketosis you will feel entirely different. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water a day.
My best friend's husband (who lost 10 stone on LT and saved his life) says the best 3 tips are water, water and water.
Can take up to 4 days, sometimes longer. You will have a "funny" taste in your mouth, feel energetic and the "real" hunger will go. If in doubt, you could get some Ketostix from your chemist to test your wee! Hope this helps and good luck xxxx


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Its tough really to think of tips. Its just a case of like previously mentioned getting through the first few days and let ketosis kick in. Once in ketosis I found the temptation to cheat a lot more easy to handle. There was no way I was going to knock myself out of ketosis.....I was burning FAT and loved that feeling. Its great to know everything you do is burning fat. Water is vital. The more you drink the more you will lose. Good luck guys.


Back on the wagon!
My tip is filling the spare time created from "not eating" with something postive....like a bit of exercise..... I also got into a skin care routine which I had didnt for ages cos I hated my flappy face!!!
I would say water obviously, reading a book is good too cos the time just flys by! Oh and logging on here as much as u can
and if u feel lik giving up go hav a look at the inspiration slide show its amazing how that'll make u feel!
i,m restrting on 7th jan

hi ya well i,m a restarting on the 7th january so i,m with you all the way if you want i started lipotrim in may o6 and lost 6 stone and them changed to cambbridge / but for me there are to many choices and i feel i got my best results from lipotrim as it for me it is a no frills vlcd although the shakes etc are better tasting i must admit but while on cambridge i kept cheating something i can honestly say i never did while on lipotrim hence i,m restarting lipotrim to get the bulk off a least them maybe do the cambridge maintance plan
make sure you drink a min of 4 pints of water and a max 7-8 pints a day only black tea.coffee water still or sparkling !! and i promise if you stick with it 100% you,ll get good results my plan is to get to 10st in 2008 i nearly got there i got to 10st 6lb for my sons wedding in august i mainatined at 10st 12lb for nearly 5-6 months by cal counting and pnly alowwing myself carbs 3 times a week ie every other day and sticking to 1700 cals and for me it worked but sadly after the wedding and a holiday i let things get out of hand and went on a food frenzy and now with xmas !! god well i won,t go on !! so anyway i,m restarting on the 7th jan and i think i have around 3 -4 stone to loose !! i can,t fit in my size 12s anymore and my 14s are gettting really tight !!so i, have to do this i want to be slim for summer and our family holiday in july !!! so i ll be here to help and support and hopefully get support to
good luck for 2008 and here,s to getting slim !
It took me 5 days to go into ketosis, but once you are there it is great. No real hunger pangs, no desire for food whatsoever. However, endless weeing and feeling frozen are the drawbacks but acceptable for the great weight loss.


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Hi mummydebbie.

You know you can do this diet and you will reach your target......you've been there done that! Good luck hun. I'm starting again today as I've also been on holiday and thought I'd better get straight back onto it.
thanks for the tips everyone! got an appointment to pick up my shakes tomorrow! and I have filled the freezer with easy things for my boyfriend so he can cook for himself! just hope I can do as well as you all have! Good look back on the diet train Debbie, I'm sure you'll be feeling ace in no time x
For Me - 3 Months, 65 Pounds Lost - The Beauty Of Lipotrim Was The Absence Of Choice Because One Crisp/potato Chip Is Taboo. Don't Cheat, Not Even One Little Bit. To Keep Going, Intepret Hunger As Thirst And Drink More Water. Weigh Every Day, But Realise The Days When You Seem To Lose Nothing Will Be Followed Eventually By Days Where Up To 4 Pounds Will Disappear. Don't Listen To Anyone, Other Than Your Doctor Or Pharmacist ,about Whether You Are Losing Too Much. Don't Believe Anybody Who Says, "surely, You Can Have Some Fruit And Fish". Tell Them Grisly Bears Get Fat For The Winter On Salmon And Blueberries. Finally, Don't Worry About Going To Dinner And Having Just Coffee And Mineral Water. Tell Them You're On A Diet And After A Couple Weeks Tell Them That You've Lost 14 Pounds Already And Have Only Xxxx More To Go. I Went Thru The Monaco And Ft Lauderdale Yacht Shows - Unlimited Lobster And Fine Champagne - As Well As The Best Restaurants In Istanbul As Well As I Don't Knonw How Many Business Lunches On Coffee And Mineral Water With Gas. Remember, 3 Months, 65 Pounds - Easy.
Hi it's my 2nd day on lipotrim, I can't stand the taste of the shkes or the soup...can I add anything to them to make them more appitising? I really want to get some weight off - I've gradually put on 3 stone since giving up smoking 2 years ago and I hate it!!! Please help x:wave_cry:

Nothing should be added to the shakes or soups other than tablet sweetners (in shakes). This is to cleanse your palette so that when you come off Lipotrim your relationship with food can start afresh. I didn't like the shakes to begin with, but I soon got used to them, and looked at them as being weight loss medicine. Try using the minimum amount of water and drinking them as quickly as possible, and ask yourself what you hate more, being overweight or the shakes?

Good luck, you CAN do it!
Clair x
i soak a peppermint teabag in water (then remove) and add the chocolate milkshake, its like peppermint chocolate mmm :)
and with the vanilla i add teaspoon of coffee and have it ice cold x
I don't eat the soup as I hated it!! What I did find made it some bit less awful was to mix it with cold water and heat it in microwave - but I gave up on it after a week or two. There are a couple of things you can do. First of all, you are allowed some sweetner - don't know what as I never used sugar anyway, so didn't need it.

What I do.
I add vanilla shake to coffee and it tastes okay. Make big pot of black coffee, make up your vanilla shake separately, pour one into the other - remember you must take your shake wihin 15 mins, so you can't just add a tiny bit to about 10 cups of coffee!!! I have also done this with chocolate, different flavour, but fine as well. The other thing I do is make peppermint tea and then add this to chocolate shake - I think this is the best addition.
Bit of advice, don't put hot liquid into a shaker and try to mix your shake that way - I don't know the science of it, but it will explode!!!!
And the main thing is you will actually get used to the taste - really really, really!! I don't know how long it takes, but you will. Just get into habit of swallowing them for the moment and in a week or two, you won't care!!
Best of lucj with it


No longer a redhead though!
Three tips from me:
View your shakes as 'fat medicine' (good if you don't like them)
Pamper yourself more, everyday as a treat to praise yourself on 100%
If you don't think friends/family are going to be supportive - don't tell them!
My chilli grinder saved the day, chilli in chicken soup & the chocolate.
Always carry a bottle of water with you, sports top.
Don't panic when you wake up thinking you've eaten a roast dinner - it was probably a dream!
Feeling cold, hot bath with bubbles.

Another thing you'll find on this Lipotrim is that you lose the ability to count to three!
lose the ability to count to 3?? do you mean you are a little more fiery than normal?? im only on day 2 and already seem to be biting ppls heads off :( i hope it doesnt last,i keep telling myself its mind over matter,and that the moment will pass,my children are trying to keep away from me i think so i really hope it doesnt last,poor things!!

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