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3 Months to my 21st. Lets do it!

Thursday 14th April 2011- EE

Breakfast: Ready Brek Original (30g) with Water (HEB), Tea with S/S Milk (HEA), Plum

Lunch/Dinner (at work): Brown Rice, Spring Onions, Peppers, Red Onion, Fat Free Vinaigrette
Boiled Eggs X 2, New Potatoes with FF Fromage Frais and Chives/Herbs, Fruit Salad, 2 Hartleys 1/2 Syn Jellies. Raw Mangetout/Carrots/Green Beans/Sweetcorn.
Fizzy Water & Black Coffee to Drink

= 1 SYN!

Day 1 of taking Multivitamins to try and calm my Eczema!

Will post on how im doing throughout tomorrow! Plan to lost 2lbs this week :)

So, today is going well, completely on plan!
With the New Potatoes/chives/ff I tried them as in the meeting last night we were discussing green days and using tinned vegetables for ease. I bought some tinned New Potatoes in Asda this morning after doing my weekly power shop (i have never bought them before) boiled them for 6 minutes, let them cool and mixed them with chives/salt & pepper and some paprika.
I took them to work popped them in the fridge- they were awful :( nothing like real potatoes! I suppose it wouldn't be too bad in something like a frittata or within a meal itself but not as potato salad! Oh well everything has to be tried once!!!

I also decided to add some snacks (syn free of course!!!) in the form of pickled onions and capers. Added some olives in for 1.5 Syns (love 'em!) which kept me going along with my raw sweetcorn and mangetout which is definitely a firm favourite!

Asda have £1.00 offers on all across the store so bought a lot of fruit on some good offers to make my fruit salad. Got Strawberries & Raspberries together for £3.00, a punnet of Plums for £1.00, Pineapple Fingers (for my digestion) for £1.00, bag of scrummy apples for £1.00, a punnet of Kiwis for £1.00 and Extra Special Asparagus Tips for £1.00. My Mangetout & Sweetcorn combo cost me £1.50. Also got a red grapefruit for my breakfast one day this week which will be lovely!!
If you're looking to get some B Vitamins into you (or just like greens) then Asda are selling a HUGE bag of leafy greens for 50p so I snapped some of those up along with the normal cucumber, lettuce, celery and herbs.

Another thing we discussed in the meeting yesterday was some of Ainsley Harriotts new grainy meals. Ive just bought some of his spelt and a lentil dahl which look delicious with roasted vegetables and are syn free on green! When I last did Slimming World from November to January I never ever did a green day/extra easy at all! I solely did red because I adore fish. Now im loving this!!!

Just about to start on my wholegrain rice with my spring onions, red onion, pepper and fat free vinaigrette followed by 2 Hartleys 1/2 syn jellies :)

The only real change ive made today is that I put 1 level tbsp of Golden Syrup in my Ready Brek at 2.5 Syns :) I was going to try and have solely fruit with my breakfast- which I did, I had 2 plums. However I have low blood sugar and I find that in the morning a bit of Golden Syrup just kickstarts me!!

When I went to Asda today Mini Babybel Lights were on offer at £1.00 and I ummed and aahed over them. I am a huge cheese lover but haven't eaten any cheese except quark since being on plan. I know that 3 can be had as a HEA but I remember when I did the red choice I used to have 3 and then eat a few more... so therefore I have made the mad decision to avoid cheese unless I am on Holiday. I will put some cheese into meals e.g. parmesan into pasta and grated cheese within meals but no straight cheese! This actually makes me feel good :)

I am going to the Damn Yankee American/Mexican Restaurant with my brother for Lunch tomorrow and I have been thinking long and hard about my choice of food :( I can't really afford a steak (plus I don't want chips!!!) so im going to have fajitas and syn it like out of the back of the food optimising book. Someone suggested not eating the guacamole or soured cream. Im leaving the cheese and I dont like Salsa so just lettuce and chicken it looks like :p I might just have a little of the soured cream but not sure...

Might post a bit more later, but looking upwards I think I may have already posted enough!!!! :S

Just having a sneaky peek in the new SW Mag!
Got a party coming up soon at the meeting for the Royal Wedding so having a look for something to make!
The mini raspberry meringue kisses look good but I might do 1/3rd in red, 1/3rd in blue and leave 1/3rd as they are so make them look very British!! (and for just 1 syn they look great!)

Still on plan and feeling good- feeling a tad bloated so got some pineapple for when I get home to hopefully ease it. Im also going to buy some peppermint and fennel teas as I have been recommended these to stop bloatedness, acid reflux and indigestion :)

I've decided that im going to enjoy myself at lunch- but have found the house chilli which looks nice!!! So may have that :) will update later.

Completely forgot my multivitamin for my eczema yesterday but will take it today when I get home from work! However, Ive been told to avoid apples and eggs for the time being as apparantly these can cause flare ups...

Ok so Today :)

Friday 15th April-EE

Breakfast: Red Grapefruit, 1/2 Punnet Raspberries, 1 Green Apple and Summer Berries Mullerlight

Snack: Green Apple & Banana (fizzy water & coffee to drink)

Lunch: Damn Yankee (to follow) Diet Coke

Dinner: Quorn Sausage, Cannelini & Borlotti Bean and Bacon SW Casserole with Leafy Greens and mixed veg
Yogurt and Fruit for pudding :)

sounds pretty good to me!!

Hi Shanny,

The plan is great and so easy!
Its not like thinking oh I can't have this this and this because im on red etc!
It really is great! I only did red last time I did SW (I only did it for 2 months) and I regret it massively because there is so much more choice!

Im also really enjoying the cooking side of it- got loads of meals to do for this coming week :)

Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognese, Sausage, Bacon and Bean Casserole, Chicken Curry, Stir-Frys, Burger and Chips all Free!!!!!!!

Will put pictures up of my dinner and dessert when I can upload them properly!!!!


This is my dinner from yesterday but the light is TERRIBLE!
Mixed Leafy Greens (Cabbage etc)
Sausage, Bacon and Bean Casserole :)

Also heres my pudding:

Bought a Yummy Americano Melon out of a new selection at Asda.
Coupled it with some grapes and then had a green apple afterwards!!

I felt poorly yesterday so didnt eat much!!!
Will still put my diary up though!!!

Saturday 16th April 2011- EE

Breakfast: Ready Brek Original (30g) (HEB) with 1 tbsp Golden Syrup (2.5 Syns)

Lunch: 17g bag of Quavers (4.5 syns)

Dinner: 2 Plums, 2 Apples, Kiwi and Grapes, Pineapple Fingers.

Cup of Tea with Milk X 3 (HEA)

I was supposed to have homemade Spag Bol but couldn't face it!
Ill make it for myself on Monday instead :)

I have also decided to have 3 syn free days! It would be a syn free day tomorrow but ill be having gravy on my Sunday dinner and I think thats a syn!

Sunday 17th April- EE

Breakfast: Weetabix X 2 (HEB) with Milk (HEA), a kiwi and Cup of Tea

Lunch: Tin of Tuna with Mixed Salad. Strawberries for pudding.

Dinner: Sunday Dinner: Veg, Lean Slow cooked meat, Yorkshire Pudding (2 syns), Homemade new potatoes with 1 crumbled oxo cube, gravy (1.5-2.5 syns- I dont really like much!)
Fruit when I get home. Water to drink

Cup of Tea before bed :)

Had a really yummy Sunday dinner last night :)
Had 1 large glass of Rose Wine (250ml) which was 9 syns but worth it as it was my first glass of alcohol all week and it was such lovely weather!

I also ran 5 miles yesterday so im well chuffed :)
Starting the C25K challenge today after I finish work at 1:30 so im really excited!

Just finished my * week- this is when I put weight on :(
so really hope that Ive sts this week! I always lose a lot, then gain a bit, lose a lot then gain a bit but im prepared for it! I can only do the best that I can :)

Monday 18th April 2011- EE

Breakfast: 28g Shredded Wheat Bitesize (HEB), Milk (HEA), Apple and Plum
Cup of Darjeeling Tea

Snack: Apple, Diet Coke 600ml, Banana

Lunch: Lentil Dahl with Greens, Courgettes and mixed vegetables (peas, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli)
2 Kiwis, Plum

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolegnese- EXL Mince, Chopped Tomatoes, Spaghetti, Onion, Garlic, Peppers, Herbs, mixed Salad
1/2 Melon, plum for Dessert :)

2 X Cups of Tea during the Day :)

SYN FREE DAY :D (and a yummy one too!)

BTW The Lentil Dahl and Vegetable Spelt im having tomorrow are Ainsley Harriott's! Free!!!!

Hmmmm, am just on the SW website.
Have seen a recipe for a BLT on the website which is free on red and ee as long as you use the bread as a HEB. Hmmm, shall I switch to red and have a BLT or stick with EE and have my lentil dahl and veg? Id still pair the BLT with Salad and Veg so dunno. Its calling my name!!!

I had the Blt which was scrummy!
Unfortunately for dinner I ate a garlic bread baguette and some Ben and jerrys new York fudge chunk ice cream which was horrid! I did have no added sugar peach water but I just felt so rubbish coz of my pelvis hurting and my leg hurting and I was so tired and had headache and then I was cross at myself for eating it all (this is how I used to live- eat it regret it get upset eat it regret it etc)

Today is a new day which has begun ok! Will post my food diary up soon :)

Tuesday 19th April 2011- EE

Breakfast: 2 Slices Brown Bread (400g loaf) HEB
1 Tbsp Reduced Fat Peanut Butter (4 Syns)
Tea with Milk (HEA)

Lunch/Dinner: Ainsley Harriotts Lentil Dahl with Courgettes, Winter Greens and Asparagus.
Blackberries and Raspberries. 1/2 and American Melon, Black and Green Grapes. 2 Mullerlight Yogurts, Homemade Salad with Iceberg Lettuce, Celery, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Spring Onion, Red Onion, Sliced Cooked Chicken, Capers and 28g Olives (2.5 Syns) Rigatoni Pasta Tubes.
Blueberry & Raspberry No Added Sugar Flavoured Water
Cup of Tea when I get in :)

Wednesday 20th April EE

Breakfast: 1/2 tin of mixed grapefruit salad
Cup of tea with milk (HEA)

Snacks: fruit at work

Lunch: Baxters bacon and lentil soup (HEB)

Dinner at parents: :( I was told to eat it or lump it and I was STARVING after weigh in :( 4 slices of medium pepperoni passion dominos pizza and potato wedges :'(
Flexi-synned and forgotten about now!

Weigh In= -1.5lb, total= 6.5lbs :)
Thursday 21st April RED

Breakfast: 2 slices 400g brown bread (HEB) with 1 tbsp RF Peanut Butter (4 Syns) Cup of Tea with Milk (HEB)

Lunch: 2 plums and some grapes

Dinner: out for a curry....

1 Poppadom
2 Onion Bhajis
1 Tsp Lime Pickle
3 Tsp Mango Chutney
4 Tsp Raita
Mixed Salad
Tandoori Chicken
V small lamb kebab
1 Pint of Kingfisher Beer
500ml bottle of Carling!

I do this twice a year and really enjoyed myself :) plus I swam a mile in my local pool beforehand ;)

Syns = a lot :( but it could have been worse!!!! Extra good from now on! Going on a red week!

Friday 22nd April 2011- RED?!

Breakfast: Extra Lean Bacon
1 Egg, Grilled Tomatoes, 1 Tbsp HP Brown Sauce (1 Syn)
Cup of Tea with SS Milk (HEA)


More later :)
Have to take my goddaughter out for a McDonalds so im gonna have some chicken nuggets and a salad :)


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