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3 or 4 packs thats the question?

Hello, I probably wont word this correctly as I am a little confused myself, however here goes:

I am now doing the CD and was advised to take 3 packs a day, I am 5ft 6. I was following the LighterLife diet last year and having 4 packs a day, I was just wondering if has anyone has noticed a difference in weight loss and the rate it comes off, having between 3 or 4?

I was told that I could go to 4 packs a day if I wanted too and am only wondering because of the stories about gall stones when losing weight so quickly, I know its only a difference of 130ish calories, but does that make any difference?

I am arguing with myself those voices keep swaying me one way then the other 'quicker weight loss' or 'quick loss and less risk of stones' or 'there is no difference'

Please help I am doing my own head in!

Thank you for any advice, good, bad or even 'just shut up and get on with it woman' lol.

Kind regards Lisa x
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There's an option of SS+ in which you have 4 packs a day instead of the usual 3 and they say that the weight loss isn't much different (SS is meant to be around 14lbs a month and SS+ maybe 12-14lbs).

If you're used to 4 packs a day then you may find it easier to stick with that routine. Also, if you're more active then it may be better to SS+ it (either with packs or actual food) to give yourself a bit more energy and to stop your body going into starvation mode.

At the end of that day it's completely your choice!

Purple Hugs

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I don't know the facts but I know height and weight comes into the 4 packs as well as the SS+ option. :) Have you got a book from your CDC?

Or maybe a CDC can advise here... :)

Good luck with the diet :)
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I have always had 4 shakes and i couldn't live with just three. Id be bored out of my skull if i didn't have 4 shakes to look forward to.
Not forgetting the milk for my tea too! :)
Good luck with it x


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I believe that LL used to do 3 packs but they reduced the amount in the 3 packs to make 4. If you use 3 packs i.e. SS you expect to lose 14lbs a month, on SS+ i.e. 4 packs, 12 lbs.

All men doing SS have 4 packs and all women taller than 5' 8" use 4 packs too.
Like everyone has mentioned, having 4 packs is like doing the SS+ option and there isnt much of a difference in weightloss per month on SS and SS+ (maybe about a 2lbs difference). On CD you do have have 4 packs if you are a certain height but other than that its your choice. When i first restarted CD i would buy a few extra packs a week and have 4 on the days when i felt really hungry or like i was going to give into temptation. You can also have milk on SS+ which is nice to have in tea or coffee.

I hope you decide what to do. Good luck with the diet :) xx
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Me and hubby are both on SS+ (4 pack and 200mls of skimmed milk) I have lost 2 stone 5lbs and Dave has lost 3 stone 3lbs in lesst than 2 months. We are both quite active and I think that the 4th packs gives us a bit more energy, plus I'm training to do the Moonwalk (26 miles!!) in May. Good luck. xx
Thank you so much for all your comments, I have been having 4 and am quite active and want to stay that way, my weigh in is tomorrow and I had a sneaky peek this morning and im happy with it and by whats been said its not a big difference between 12 - 14 lbs per month, it just makes sense for me to stay on the 4, seems to be whats best for me at the moment.

Thank you all once again, you really helped me make my mind up for once, which i can tell you is not an easy thing :brainfart:.

Lisa x

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