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3 stone- How long will it take?

Hello :wave_cry:
I have started the cambridge diet, and I want to loose almost 20 kg-3 stone.

How long will this take if I only drink the the shakes?

I used this diet many years ago, and I lost 7 kg in 3 weeks. That means I lost about 2,3 kg every week, but it gets harder to loose that much after some weeks dosent it?
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On Cambridge you should lose around a stone a month. You might lose slightly more in the first month so I'd say 2 - 3 months.
I'm hoping to lose 3 stone as well.
I've got 11 weeks to lose as much as I can.
Although I have a weekend in Liverpool and a weekend in London in October that I need to get through!
Liverpool should be ok but London might be harder. Hopefully I'll have 2stone or 2 1/2 stone off in the 11 weeks.

If you stick to it 100% I'd say it would take 2-3 months as well.
I start CD ss next Tuesday and i'm hoping to lose around 2st 10b (depending on my start weight) by 15th November. I have never been on a holiday thin and i'm off to Mexico for 2 weeks and i really would like to shock my boyfriend with my new sexy figure, the thing is i have been on that many diets and failed i don't think he thinks that this will be any different, would love to prove him wrong. Really hope you lose your 3 stone Klompen!!! Coconut I have got 11 weeks aswell to lose my weight, think my start weight will be around 12st 10lb would love to be 10st in Mexico, keep me updated on your losses!!! Good Luck, can't wait to get started!!!
been doing it for 12 weeks now and have lost just over 3 stone and i was doing SS 100% no cheating i might of been faster if i could of got more water down me
Yeah I've never been on holiday and confident wearing a bikini either. Hopefully I'll be a bit more confident this year.

I've decided to only weigh myself once a month though so I don't get disheartened if I get a low loss. I want to see the big picture.

My next weigh date is 10th September so I'll let you know then how I'm getting on and if I'm on target.

Good luck to us all!
I want to wish all of us gooood luck!
Im on day four, and I feel fine. Do not feel like eating. I have been making the shakes into two meals,.
so I can have them more often. I think that is better. To have a whole makes me a bit to full. Strange, because usually I can eat a LOT

I feel motivated, and Im hoping the good feelig stays! Minimins is really helping-Im so glad I found this forum:p


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Yes I reckon you can do it hun, i've lost almost 1stone in 3wks on the diet and just to think that I possibly have lost another stone in another 3weeks is fab really ...its a very exciting journey x
This is a really encouraging thread. I have 3 stone to lose too and have been wondering how long it will take.
hope everyone's still doing ok.
I am still here plodding along steadily but surely i really need to get more water down me. how are you doing??
You're doing great Kerry and you started same time as me but if I'd stuck to it I'd be at goal now but never mind, it'll come off eventually if I stick to it this time.
Amazing results for you and amazing willpower.
don't do if only's you are back and thats the main thing lots of people i started with have gone at least your back and you can do it xx
I'm new to all this and can't wait to get started next week, got an exam on friday so dont want to start before that's over. I've got 3 stone to lose too, this is a really encouraging site, i know it isn't going to be easy, but if it was easy everyone would be thin! I have to do it this time, I'm sick of hating what I see in the mirror and hiding all the time behind false confidence and self deprecation. I've never been so determined to stick to something 100%. The food will be gone from the house, remove all temptation.

Size 12/14
Maintain for 6 months successfully
Look ace in LA in March!!!

Good luck to all and congrats to those who are already losing xx

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