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3 stone lost, more to come

4 months ago I had to go to the hospital for a consultation on a nasal problem. The consultant told me that I needed an operation but I was overweight and should lose some to make the operation safer and potentially only one operation instead of two. I got on the scales and was horrified at what I actually was rather than what I imagined/hoped I was. I had hit 16st 13lbs with a BMI of over 35.

This was the kick start I needed and using a very basic 3 meals a day diet with no snacking, no fast food and plenty of fruit and veg plus a bit of exercise I went in to the hospital yesterday for my pre-op check (operation is tomorrow) weighing 13st 6lbs. I have gone to from bursting out of a 40 inch waistline to fitting into 36" trousers I last wore more than 10 years ago. My BMI is below 30.

Last week I was away on business and found totally sticking to the diet impossible (I was in France for part of it and the food was incredible). I put on a few pounds but have lost them all again in a few days. I feel my relationship with food has changed, hopefully forever. I still enjoy food but I am happy with proper quantities of good food rather than lots of "bad" food.

The next stages will be to continue to get the BMI to below 25 and then stabilise.

I genuinely didn't think I could do this - I know there may be challenges, especially as I have had depression before and I think this was partially linked to the overeating. If this returns I will have to address that challenge.

Once the op is over I will post some B+A pictures. Although I was already well under way when I found this forum it is a continuing source of additional inspiration. Thank you all.
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Hi Tim and welcome, I look forward to seeing your B&A's Good luck!
Back from the op - it went well and even though I haven't been able to exercise much I've still lost weight. More importantly even though I've been sitting around at home I haven't been tempted to snack between meals (easy to avoid at work). I've just broken the 13 stone barrier which I really didn't think I'd do. I'm now more confident that I can get down below 12 and below a BMI of 25.

Exercise starts again next week!
Are you sore mate?
Not really, actually within 2-3 days it was less tender than it had been before the op. The polyps and resulting sinusitis meant that my nose was permantenly swollen and even wearing glasses was painful.

You just get a bit of post-op bleeding which means exercise is limited. The worst bit is having to wash my nose out with salt water 4 times a day. At least I don't have to add extra salt to my food as there's a permanent taste of the sea in my mouth!
Actually, that washing your nose out with salt water is a Yoga thing, it's supposed to prevent colds and stuff. I learned that in Hong Kong. :)
Actually, that washing your nose out with salt water is a Yoga thing, it's supposed to prevent colds and stuff. I learned that in Hong Kong. :)
The doc recommended that after the 2 weeks when I have to do it 4 times a day that I carry on doing it occasionally as part of avoiding future problems with polyps and sinusitis. I have a spray as well but often the natural way works just as wwll.
I've posted some photos on the Before/After thread. I'm going to do some more today