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<3 Valentines Day <3


time to get focused
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just wondered what peoples plans are for val day. this is my first valentines day with my boyfriend. i get weighed on mondays and valentines day is on the saturday, we were going to go for a meal but then it only leaves 2 days before i getweighed and im not gona lose all what iv lost throughout the week again in 2 days, im thinking about going for a meal on th monday after i have been weighed then that way i got a week to lose whatver damage i have made xxx
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Could you not change your cdc apt to sat instead, that way you can still eat on the sat. My apt is always on a fri morn, so I should have more than enough time, to remove any evidence that I have eaten! lol


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Hi there,

Sorry but.. is it that important your CDC;s scales show a loss that you'd consider moving weigh in day to have a ''meal off plan'' ? Isn't it more important you know you're losing weight and that you conciously make the choice whether or not to come off CD for Valentines or to stick to SS+/810 meal options, etc?

It can take a long time getting back in ketosis if you go seriously overboard... so even if you move your WI day for this it might not give you what you want. My 50 cents; choose what you want to do. I understand you don't want to bend your life around CD but you could try being more open to ''gain on CDC scales'' after a day off?

I'm sorry but the whole 'oh I should get WI on monday and then have an off meal on monday evening'-thing strikes me as odd. Maybe you should discuss this with your CDC? She may very well understand your worries and she may also be able to give you very good tips on what to eat vs. what better not to eat etc etc..

Ah well, like I said.. Just how I feel about it. Moving WI day is just fooling yourself eh, you know you'll gain from a day off so why not face up to the ''damages'' instead of just wishing them away by moving WI day?

Good luck whatever you decide and enjoy your meal,


Purple Hugs

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I was going to say either buy your stuff before and miss a weigh in - taking any smaller loss on the chin after a fortnight.
Or.. just let your CDC know.. and take the gain on the chin.

Or... be radical and be good! Food doesn't have to be a reward. :) you could spend the time another way.. cinema, day out etc etc..
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I have just booked a hotel up north for valentines weekend and can't wait! Gonna have a blast with my lovely hubby xxx


time to get focused
S: 14st11lb G: 9st0lb
sorry if this sounds rudeand comes across the wrong way but when i was nearly 13stone i wouldnt of even thought about coming off it for a night to eat but because iv lost the bulk of it and only want to lose about another stone then thats why i am thinking should i shouldnt i, i think a meal would be better for me than the cinema cause if i go cinema i have to have a tango blast, revels and god knows what else, i cant just sit and watch with a bottle of water lol, and as it is out first together i dnt want to be limitd to what we can do.
so the best option if i want to weat is still eat on val day and just hate myself when i get weighed 2 days later lol, i think thats the best option rather than trying to kid myself.

on another note does anyone know how i get my ticker in my signature?



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It is the second valentine's day with my boyfriend and we are going to Prague for the weekend. My bf knows am on SS and he's been really supportive so we will enjoy each other's company without me eating. Lots of sparkling water and I will have some coke zero. I have spoken to my CDC and she has said I can have 2 bars a day with porridge as a treat for the weekend and that'll be it. It feels good not to have to worry about what to eat and what not to eat. Plus I have to say I agree with Lostris. If you choose to eat be prepared to deal with the scales on your weigh in date. This attitude will help you keep the weight off post-diet as you need to be happy and in control of what you are putting in your mouth.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
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I don't disagree with you at all about why your eating, but it worries me when you say you'll be mad with yourself when the scales show a gain...
If you CHOOSE to eat..then you CHOOSE to gain.. you sound like you're happy with it and fair play to you, but if this is the case you need to be happy with a gain. There is no point being happy about eating and not being happy about the scales.. you'll feel awful.

I gained weight over xmas and enjoyed every second of it. I conciously started CD before my birthday as I made that decision.

We choose to eat or not to eat.. and later on I'll choose WHAT I eat and what not to eat. :)

Have a lovely day :)
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Can I just say that I actually have had every Friday night off since starting this diet again in January. Me and my husband always go out for dinner to a pub or restaurant on a Friday night and I always just have a main meal and I must admit I am far more concious about what I chose to eat. I will usually have just meat and veg or salad and avoid potatoes (although I did have a chinese the other week!).

I have noticed that I never finish it either as my stomach must have shrunk - my husband loves it as he gets to eat all his and then finish off the rest of mine!!

Anyway, I never feel guilty about it as its part of living a normal life. Plus, I have still lost 17lbs in 4 weeks so it hasnt done much damage. I think it helps that I just incorporate exercise 3 times a week with 2 lots of aerobics and 1 session of spinning.

So I say, if you want to enjoy valentines weekend then why not - you dont have to go over the top but theres no reason why you cant have something and have a lovely time.


Serena A

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I agree with Lostris/Bijoux/PurpleHugs that it's not so much about whether to eat or not but whether you should stick your fingers in your ears and go "la-la-la" to any resultant weight gain - an approach which doesn't bode well for keeping the weight off in maintenance. :)

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