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oh i would kill for a bottle of wine and a huge bar of chocolate.....................BUT i won't, either kill or eat the chocs or drink the wine as i have 8lbs off and the feel good factor far out weighs the indulgent food. Well thats what i keep telling myself!!

I can now eat 25grams of carbs a day but im a bit worried that ill like the carbs too much and go on a megga binge!!.

Its ok tho. when i get the cravings i start to clean, my house and car has never looked so great! :D.

Does anyone know about the diet pill orstilat?? was that the one gerry ryan was going on about?? I wouldn't be an advocate of diet pills but i'd be intreguied to see if this one worked.

So if i can get over this weekend i might cut myself some slack i seem to be stuck on 163lbs and i need to be 156lbs. not much i know but the determination is keeping me motivated.

thanks for reading.
marzi :wave_cry:
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Keep on going on, you're doing very well xx
My God dont whatever you do take orlistat when you're on Atkins!! You would probably poo yourself in the street ...! :eek::eek::eek::eek:It makes the fat you eat pass through your body so you are supposed to eat low fat with it... it comes out as a slimy orange substance (so I am reliably informed... and sometimes toilet trips can be rather urgent) so, as Atkins is high fat, if you took this you'd probably sh*t yourself - literally!;) Just stick to the plan... Thorntons diabetic sweets are a godsend on Atkins but again go easy or you will experience an explosion in the nether regions... best of luck
I so admire you being able to do Atkins, I just find the protein thing too much to cope with and end up eating nothing at all. Can you have your new carbs allowance from fruit andveg, making them go further and avoiding prompting cravings?