3 weeks offline and now..


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Nice to see you Mags!!!

How's it going:rolleyes: :confused:


Needs to stick to it!!!
Hiya mini :) Ahh im great thanks..*gots me a new laptop*other one packed it in pretty much...hows u??great changes to the chat part..wow looks awesum..pierce did a great job!!Sites lookin soooo well!!!!!


Needs to stick to it!!!
Im great irene ohh its terrible..im right back to where i was again... :((((((
how are you ??


Minimins gal x
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Welcome back Mags,of course we missed u x


Needs to stick to it!!!
ahh thanks roch :D

yah suppose irene....i still havent gotten back on the diet again..dunno wat to do...


Needs to stick to it!!!
hay pierce!!!:) Great to be back...hehe...gotta iqon 40gb 512ram...works like a charm compared to my old dinosaur...soo happy with it ..hehe.. :D

hows things with you?the chat looks awesum..major changes!!