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**30 and Gorgeous? ... I will be! **


**2015 is my Year!**
Well Ive been dipping in and out of the WeMITTS for a while and and ive decided to make my own diary to help keep me motivated for my 30th birthday in September!
I would love to be able to fit into a slinky dress and for once in my life feel gorgeous!
So will be counting on you lot to help keep me motivated and on track!

Im doing weightwatchers and so far ive lost 4lbs. I have a mini goal of losing 2 stone for June as Im going to visit my best friend in england, but obviously any more would be a bonus! :)

Love Nikki xx
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**2015 is my Year!**
Well today I went back to curves, it was quite hard going but I managed and I noticed that they are doing the curves with zumba too so might give that a go.

I was gonna go to zumba tonight but I really need to get some shopping in and a member on the wheat free forum was talking about the bread in sainsburys being amazing and the nearest one to me is over on the other side of the city so im gonna head over tonight and get some to try!

I was diagnosed with a wheat intolerance last year and its a nightmare to follow a wheat free diet as almost every kind of food you can imagine has wheat in it, I really miss bread so any no wheat version that has been reccomended has to be tried!


**2015 is my Year!**
Uggggh I'm feeling really ill today. Yesterday I met some of my ww buddies for lunch and we went for an Indian and some cocktails afterwards. I just had the one as I was driving but woke up this morning at 6am and have basically been on the loo ever since :(
I've not eaten anything and feel really queasy but I've not actually been sick. I had plans for curves and zumba today but it ain't happening and can't move far from the loo lol.
I'm def gonna have to phone in sick for work 2moro which I hate doing as they make u feel even worse than u already do. So much for the Nhs being a caring profession eh?


**2015 is my Year!**
well i phoned in sick yesterday and ive phoned in sick for tonight also. Hopefully be back in work 2moro night.
I went and got weighed today...figured I might aswell since I was off and its a half a pound loss. I wish it was more. This week Im going to try really hard to point everything and try and get my half stone loss for next week.
Fingers crossed!


**2015 is my Year!**
Back at work tonight for me. Feeling better although hate the nightshift! Urrgghhhh

On a better note I went to curves yesterday and today and I've booked my weigh and measure for Thursday too after weigh in so fingers crossed I can get a good result this week.

I've just put all my food into my tracker for today and I'm within my points, havnt touched my weeklies yet but will be on Saturday night as heading into town with one of the meet up groups for some cocktails. Not planning on getting wasted tho as I don't even know these people but a few drinks would be nice

Roll on 7.30 am!!!!


**2015 is my Year!**
Tonights night was ok, had a few chats witj people but I decided to come home around 10pm. I had 2 cocktails which I pointed at 8 each but when I came home I phoned a Chinese as I was soooo hungry. I had sweet and sour chicken witj rice and chips. I've pointed it all at 30 but it's prob more than that. All my weeklies are done so need to be on the straight and narrow for weigh in on Thursday!


**2015 is my Year!**
pah valentines day....hate it and designed to make us single girls depressed. Im taking myself off for a lovely bath with Lush's valentines bath bomb, dont need a man to spoil me - I can spoil myself!

very annoyed tho...its my day off 2moro and i have to go to an all day study day...sooo cant be bothered getting up at 6.30am!!!
Hi there

Im 30th at the beginning of October and Im determined to be fit and 30 not fat and 30.

So far Ive lost 12lbs in 6 weeksand Im actually really looking forward to turning 30 with a new body (it will happen it wil it will)

Good luck!!


**2015 is my Year!**
Thanks hula - hopefully we can
Both be 30 and gorgeous eh? :)
Well weigh in this week was a 0.5 gain. I know that in the grand scheme its not that bad but it's not great either. I'm giving pro points another week and if no stunning weight loss I'm going back to normal points. I've been working all weekend and tracked everything. I've upped my fluid intake too.
Had a Chinese on sat night after work which was all pointed so just need to see how it goes....

Plans for the week.... Curves tues, wed and thurs and weigh in at normal class on Friday!
Yeah I have had a v bad weekend (but it was good just not calorie wise lol) so Im back on it big style this week, Im off this week as its half term and am having main meals at lunch and will work out ta least 4 times ! Im also having a day of pampering, eyebrow wax, wagamams lunch and a garra rufa fish pedicure, all nice as Ive managed to ditch the kids whooop ;0)

Good lucjk for fri, I WI on sat morning at home.


**2015 is my Year!**
well today showed a 1.5lb loss!!!
I just wish it could be more...I know a loss is a loss but I feel jealous of everyone who loses 3 and 4lbs a week and im struggling to lose a flamming pound! Lol.
Ive been to curves yesterday and today...I hope the day comes when I can walk out of there not looking like a burst tomato :)
Im working sat and sun (again) but then I am on annual leave next week so should be nice and easy to keep to diet and get to curves! Im aiming for that 100th workout very soon, today was number 86 :)

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