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30 weeks and 49lbs

Food for tomorrow, first day on plan :0)

Extra Easy

B: 2 poached eggs, 2 sesame ryvita (1/2 HEB), banana, cup of tea (with milk from HEA)

L: Pasta with Dolmio sweet pepper stir in (5 syns), 2 ryvita (1/2 HEB), ELF philli mjni pot (2 syns), shape yog, 1 clementine, handful of fresh lychee.

D: lamb, curry savoury rice, chopped salad. Cous cous milk (HEA) pudding, pitta bread 7syns

S: Necterine, apple, Nom yog 2syns

16 syns
Excited, :0)
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I love the EE plan, I have done the red and green and lost good weight in the past but this plan fits in so well with family meals and eating out, the only down point is I miss the 2 HEB :0(
Day 2

Extra Easy

B: 2 poached eggs, 2 lean bacon, 3 Ryvits wholgrain crackerbread (1/2 HEB) Brown sauce 1syn

L: Salad, smoked salmon trimmings, black pepper cottage cheese and a jacket potato. Fruit and yog for pud. no jackets in canteen :(

T: Pork chop, SW roasties (done in actifry) with lots of veg and some gravy 3syns

S: cous cous pudding (HEA), fruit, 3 crackerbread (1/2 HEB) with some light marmalade (?syns) :)
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OMG someone has just brought in 4 massive packs of fresh danish pastries!!!!!!! They are my absolute fav.....I will not have one....bikini body....bikini body....bikini body!!
Day 3 and craving!!!

:( Well today is tough!
I am having major sweet/stodge cravings but i will fight them and battle on to thinness.

B: 2 bacon, 1 egg and porridge with milk (HEA & HEB +2 syns)

L: salad, jacket potato. Grapes, necterine, banana and shape yog (what i really want is a giant white crusty baguette with tuna mayo and a grab bag packet of walkers cheese and onion :(

T: SW chilli with chips (done in amazing actifry)
Pudding, raspberries, meringue nest (3syn) and yogurt.

I also have some of my yummy 12 syn spong left so i will have a slice (3 syns) with a cuppa later in the evening
Today has been a good day, eaten lovely food and feel slimmer already.


B 42g crunchy bran with skimmed milk HE A&B

L: jacket potato with mixed roasted veg and 19g of pesto 2.5 syns

D: half portion of beef in black been sauce 3 syns, boiled rice and beanshoots 2 syns

S: grapes, strawberries, 2 nectarines, 1 clementine, banana, 3 yogurts and half a sponge 6 syns

13.5 syns and well and truly satisfied :)
EE Day Saturday 5th Feb

B: bowl of strawberries and grapes with natural yog

L: two slices of ham, left over roasted veg, and salad, alpen light

T: Alpen light bar (went out with the girls so didn't have time)

S: nectarine, grapes, meringue nest (3syns) 3 lime and soda (?syns) banana.
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EE day Sunday 6th feb

L: braised beef, sw roasters, roasted carrots, broccoli. Activia snackpot, nectarine, grapes, clementine.

D:Jacket potatoe with a can of ratatouille (1syn)
P: grapes, 2xalpen light (HEB) and a clementine.

HEA: milk in tea/coffee

S: muffins 3 syns
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EE Day Monday 7th

Brunch: 4 bacon (all fat removed), 2 poached eggs, small can of beans and 3 wholegrain (1/2 HEB) and brown sauce (1syn)

Tea: 300g of rustic chips and tomato ketchup (4syns)

Pudding: tub of natural yog, necterine, banana, alpen light (1/2 HEB)

HEA milk in tea
Make that 29 weeks and 44.5lbs :)

Yes i lost 4 1/2lbs I'm so chuffed and feel like i've eaten really well this week, the no chocolate february has kept me on track, so long may it last.

B: melon, grapes, clementine and a skinny latte (HEA)

L:pasta and sauce, sweetcorn. Yogurt, necterine & apple

S:alpen light and coffee (1/2 syn for milk)

Tea: SW chilli, jacket potato. I will load my chilli with peppers, onions and tomato for my 1/3 SF.
Pudding: 2x1/2 syn muffins

S:alpen light, banana and coffee

Weekly syns :70
Syns for today:1 1/2
EE: Wednesday 9th feb

B: half melon, raspberry activia snack pot (gorgeous)
L: 250g rustic oven chips (2.5syns) and gerkins
D: beef in black bean with boiled rice (5syns) clementine
S: 7 x 1/2 syn muffins (that I burnt so they were really dry :( 3.5syns) yogurt and grapes with oats sprinkled over.

HEA Milk
HEB 28g porridge oats
Syns: 11
EE: Thursday 10th feb

B: 1 poached egg, 2 bacon medallions and small skinny latte HEA

S: giant fruit salad :- apple, kiwi, strawberries, grapes and a clementine

L: sweet chilli salmon, beetroot jacket spud and salad
P: yogurt and alpen light HEB 1/2

T: lamb, savoury rice and mixed salad
Pudding: strawberries, yogurt and meringue 3 syns

S: alpen HEB 1/2 and coffee
86alpzzyj said:
Hey hunny! Well done on the loss thats brilliant!! Can i ask why the time goal? xx
Hi and thank you. I am going on holiday and for once I'd love to like the way I look in my holiday photos. I've just come to a point now that I'm fed up of failing so my head and heart are in it this time x
Sunday 13th

B: melon, strawberries and grapes

L: roast gammon, cabbage, sprouts, carrots, broccoli, sw roasters, 1 stuffing ball (3syns) and gravy (2syns)
Activia snackpot yog

D: bacon sandwich (made in ryvita)

S: 4 syns of 12 syn cake.

Hea milk in latte
Heb ryvita

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