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30 wk scan

awww. bet you loved having a scan this late. its not true that the bigger they are the less likely you tear unfortunately. my secong child was 9lb 6oz and she tore me, but she literally slid out she was that big. my 3rd one was 9lb 1oz and didnt tear me.

your soo close now, on the home straight, bet you cant wait:D:D:D:D

love to you

I'll prob certainly be a section so size not so relevant. I'm really excited now but nothing organised yet, I'll have to start getting organised
I had pains today, not like braxton hicks
Oops didn't mean to send that. I was a bit worried but they stopped after 40 mins. If they start again I'll ring the hosp
They havent come back since. They were like mild period cramps with regular tightenings but not up high where I usually feel BH. More down low. But nothing since, I've the midwife thus week I'll tell her.
This is common so don;t worry but just let your midwife know anyways, just seek advice if unsure - I get this type of symtom all the time. And further along you are they get more frequet and stronger and will eventually they could turn into contractions.
I never had them with my first two. But nothing since so Im not worried, I have another scan in 5 weeks then hopefully notlong - Im v impatient.

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