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Step 1 Sole Source 32 and thin?!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by astronaut81, 30 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Well that's 7 days done for me, first weigh in at 11am ( wondering if a late porridge is in order? ) been a good week, liked all of the products so far and not much left to try so should have a good variety to stop me getting bored!
    Hoping to reach my goal size of 10-12 for my birthday in April, fingers crossed! Think this works out in the region of 10 stone (140lbs). Haven't had a slim birthday for about 4 years after quitting my physical job but not quitting eating what I wanted when I wanted, big mistake!
    Hoping this does what it says on the tin and I can lose a stone a month, that would be perfect! I'm sticking with ss as long as poss as I seem to be fine on it, no hunger or dodgy side effects yet!
    Taking my two daughters and their friends on hol for half term but I'm planning to do ss or ss+ if I feel the need with all the running around all day, will just see how it goes. Although a few drinks on an evening may sneak in, clear ones ( prob Bacardi as I love mojitos ) with diet pop n ice :) don't know if I'd get through a week with 2 teens n 2 Tweens without the odd one, won't be going mad though!
    I've booked some treats in along the way to keep me going as well, teeth whitening as I've wanted to do it for a while since stopping smoking a few years ago, manicures n pedicures just cos I never get them done as usually let my girls do it for fun, massage ( never had that done before either ), shopping days for makeup n my fave ( run out of ) Clarins creams, hair extensions that I can't wait for and at the end a new wardrobe....all in time for a family hol end of May! So lots to look forward to! V excited! Hope I can feel happy in a bikini for the first time in aaagggeeesss!!!
    So start weight 181lbs (13.1) lets see what magic numbers crop up tomorrow!!! :) x
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  3. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Woke up with a bit of a headache :-( not sure if its CWP related or stress...3 days til house move!!!
  4. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Headache gone, good old neurofen to the rescue! :)
    Anyway 1st week n 5 lbs down :) more about the inches than the lbs for me but don't get measured every week so gives a good indicator I suppose!
    Right, back to the packing, 3 days to go!!! X
  5. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Nitemare with the old tax return today, £100 fine coming my way then! :-[
    Sooo sick of packing, feels like it will never end! Got so much to do before we leave Sunday, its a good job I'm on CWP, don't think I'd have time to eat an actual meal! Looking forward to getting this next week over with and going away for half term! Bit of fun with the kids after all this madness!
    Had half hour to myself today though n painted my nails :) amazing what a little break n treat can do!
    Got some ready made shakes off my consultant today in case I need a product on the run during the move, don't want to get caught short when I've done ss 100% so far! That would be so annoying! Worse than the fine from hmrc I reckon! :)
  6. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Well-Known Member

    Well done on your 5lb loss! Especially with the packing and move! Sorry about fine! Good luck for the move! X
  7. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Back on the CWP today after taking on too much at once! Ended up exhausted n poorly :-( hoping things settle down a bit now! House sale went through while we were away with kids after a few hiccups :-/ moved in with my mum temporarily so sleeping in her living room and cramming day to day necessities in wherever I can find space ( not easy in a 2 bed bungalow with my mum, dad and 2 teens!!! ) feeling a bit low at the moment after all the madness n hard to go back on cwp when feeling like that but I thought it would do me good to have something positive to focus on! Will only get more fed up if I put weight on so just need to get on with it!
  8. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Had a rubbish week, not diet wise just everything else! :-/ until this morning when I finally got into the 160s!!! Whoop whoop!!! Long time since I saw that on the scale! Defo cheered me up! :)
    Right then, time to walk the dog!
  9. Anastazia35

    Anastazia35 Well-Known Member

    three weeks, 21lbs lost? That's amazingly well. How did you do that without CWP?
  10. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    I wish! No i got in to the 160s as in I got down to 169! :) made a change from the 170s! Weight stayed the same while I was off cwp on hol n while I was ill, it's losing the weight I gained while I wasn't active a couple of years ago that I'm trying to do. Ok at maintaining with my normal diet n exercise but its not enough to lose extra weight which I was I'm doing cwp until I get to size 10-12, be more than happy with that! :) x
  11. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Well that's another day done! Keep checking my complexion with all the green tea I'm drinking, sure I'm gonna end up looking like the grinch!!!
    Went for a treat with my youngest, we got shellac nails done, mine typically sparklarama and my daughter got converse! They are ace!!! All different colours with tiny laces n white tips! Look great!
    Much better mood at the moment! Got lots to look forward to, my youngest will be 11 next weekend so we are spending her birthday at Thorpe park! I'm not one for big rides so will be spending Mother's Day holding bags n taking pics but I love just watching them have so much fun!!! Weekend after we are going up north to visit my brother and his family, love spending time with them!
    Getting my teeth whitened this Saturday then going with my girls for haircuts in the city, starting to put some time n effort into my appearance again which is nice :) starting to feel like a 31 year old woman n not a fat old frumpy mummy! Lol!
  12. sugarised

    sugarised Well-Known Member

    i love your treat list, i'm yet to set myself mini goals and a treat for hitting them! i need inspiration!...hair extensions sounds amazing
  13. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    My treats for goals are not necessarily reaching a particular weight, more a yay me I did a week without cheating as it keeps me motivated to keep going and the weight will take care of itself! :) obviously have big treats for those epic weight loss moments though! :) I do small stuff that I can fit in and is affordable every week or every day if feeling in need of some serious motivational rewards! :) anything that you enjoy that's not food related and its all good!!! :) x
  14. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Anymore porridge and I'll be Scottish! :)
  15. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    168.0 this morning (only do morning weigh ins! ) going in the right direction! :)
  16. Sian :)

    Sian :) Well-Known Member

    Well done!! :D
  17. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Can't wait to pick my lemon bars up tomorrow!!! :)
  18. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Getting measured today for first time since I started, can't wait! :)
    busy day today. . . dog walk, lots of paperwork, research some online courses, supermarket, go see cwp consultant, school run, parents evening, take kids to frankie n bennys for their t as a treat! Better get on with it then! :)
  19. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    13 inches off!!! Whoop whoop!!! :)
  20. astronaut81

    astronaut81 Active Member

    Got my teeth whitened today and they look sooo much better! Can't stop looking at them! :) I then took my girls into the city and we got haircuts, all lovely! So it's been a great treat day! :)
  21. leannemarie28

    leannemarie28 That mars bar aint love..

    Well done on your losses!!! I started at 13.7 want to get to 10.7 by april!! We can do it!

    Where did you get your teeth whitened? I really want it done! Especially doing this diet my teeth are so clean!!

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