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holy **** got on the scales this morning for my first day weigh in for starting weight for my diet....wtaf....bloody heavy...heavier than I have been ever....so here we go

Day one for me.....started half way through my night shift.....so this morning (5am) I had my porridge pot at work. The ladies that I work with was interested in my product....you know the comments “ oh no that’s not enough to live on, your be hungry, you can do that long term blah, blah, blah”

I had prepared my self for this....just smiled and said well I am doing this...
It’s funny how every ones a dietician all of a sudden.
I think part preparing for what other say is a big part.
I am now off work till Monday night, so by the time I get back I will be in the zone....

I have had porridge, bar, and a LL pot noodle type thing.
Coffee and sparkling water.

because I have been sleeping most day I knew day one would not be to hard....tomorrow will be my start of being hangry.

hoping by Saturday I will be in the keto zone.

so tomorrow I have load house work to do, sorting out a reserved spare for my products ect.
I have had one coffee today with small splash milk.....I can’t drink it black....so that’s my deal with myself one or two coffees with minimal milk.
I have loads sparkling plain water in and stock for drinking.
Keep thinking about my summer wardrobe and all my clothes I will be able to wear.....I also have stuck a photo on the fridge of a slimmer me I’d like to see again......

I am feeling really positive and happy.....it’s like a switch has been flicked and I now have my dieting head on....early days I know....keep telling my self it’s mind set as well....so ....... I will post again tomorrow on this post so I

Well done on getting through your first day!

Yes it is interesting how everyone becomes a dietitian as soon as you commence any Weight loss program 😂 I was asked if I had an eating problem in the past because I was eating fruit and yoghurt for breakfast 😂 I don’t pay any attention to what others are eating (unless you’re all out for dinner together at a restaurant and looking at menus etc), so not sure I understand why some people are so interested in what I’m eating....or not eating,(nosey or nothing better to do....🤷🏻‍♀️).

Good luck for tomorrow, may the positive and happy mindset continue for you ☺️ I loved that feeling of waking up each day feeling happy that I was taking control. Keeping busy is a good plan 👍

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Hey Florida Girl,

Welcome back to Minis, your positive mindset is brilliant to see, it really is key for getting the weight off. It really can feel like a battlefield at times with others opinions on what they think you should be doing. Best of luck on your journey and let me know if I can be of any help.

Bean an Tí :)


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You have done it and stepped on those scales so you now know where you are.

One thing I would say is just ignore those new 'dieticians' and just do what is right for you..

Good luck and keep posting. :)


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Isn't it funny that people all judge whatever diet you do?

I have a friend who has always been slim to my knowledge and was very judgemental about the Exante products, but then when I asked her what she eats, she was often eating less than me on a busy day - and it wasn't fortified with the vitamins and minerals!

Hope you are feeling better today :)