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3lb gain in 24 hours!


How can this be?

Well, actually I know very well what I've done.

After getting weighed last night, and unexpectedly loosing 2lbs, I decided to treat myself and went to McDonalds on the way home. I had two cheeseburgers and a medium fries. I resisted the temptation to have an apple pie too heh.

Then I went out for a friend's birthday. I had two full-fat vodka red bulls, 3 pints of lager and about 6 double vodka diet cokes :mad:

Total syns in one trip to McDs and a night out... gulp... 123! :cry:

On top of all of that - I came home and made myself a jacket potato with cheese and beans (I suppose at least I resisted a kebab!).

Thankfully, I wasn't working today... so after a lie in (I really needed it!) I got straight back onto plan and decided to have a syn free day....

So far today I've had

[mix2match day]

Breakfast - Bran Flakes (HEXB) and Skimmed Milk (HEXA)

Lunch (green) - Jacket potato, Cheese (HEXA), Beans

I'm planning :

Tea (red) tuna steak, salad

Snack - HiFi bar (HEXB)

I've had some of my left over milk from my breakfast HEXA for tea and coffee too and drunk about a litre of water.

How can I have gained 3lbs in just one day?! I know it was a dodgy binge and I went completely off plan (justifying it with flexible syns didn't really work after the 3rd pint!) and it was bad.... but 3 whole pounds?!?! In one day?!?!

Does anyone have any tips as to what I can do now in order to reign this back in? I'd really like a loss for next week if possible but it's going to be really difficult now I've got to loose 3lbs just to STS!

I thought it might be a time-of-the-day thing (I weigh different amounts at different times) but it's almost exactly the same time of the day as yesterday....

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I ate my willpower!
Its probably just fluid from all the alcohol you drank! I am sure that by weigh in next week you will have lost of at least STS.

Well at least you enjoyed yourself - lol

Get back on plan and things will work out.

Best case scenario is the "party night" will have shocked your metabolism a bit and you might get a first week type loss....



I ate my willpower!

Well at least you enjoyed yourself - lol

Get back on plan and things will work out.

Best case scenario is the "party night" will have shocked your metabolism a bit and you might get a first week type loss....

It has been said before that a binge night can give the old metabolism a boost. Fingers and toes crossed! Oh and a large doner kebab is only 12 syns so long as you don't eat the pitta and only use extra light mayo (0.5 syn per tbsp)


Must do it this time
it takes 2500kcals to put your weight up by a lb,id say that most of the gain is water and if you stick with it you have it off by your next weigh day,
good luck,


Silver Member
why oh why did you get on the scales, you are beating yourself up and you know yourself that you would get straight back on plan anyway.i hope this does not put you off getting weighed next week.
even better news - it actually takes 3500 cals over your maintainance cals to put your weight up by 1lb :D


Full Member
I find if I get weighed once a week then the suspense of not knowing how ive done so far will spur me on to be good for the rest of the week, as I wont be demotivated by a gain or too cocky by an early week loss.

As for your night out, maybe 123 syns is a bit much but dont deny yourself of the things you like or you'll get bored on the plan or feel like your missing out. Whether you use your syns all up on a friday night kebab & beer or use them daily doesn't matter because they are yours to use!

Good Luck :)


Silver Member
wow, that was a night out!! At least you've got nearly a whole week to be good before next weigh in. Some of the weight could be fluid retention from all the salt in the mcdonalds (nasty stuff).

My weight can vary by 2 pounds every day, but I just use it as a guide to keep me on track, but I only really count the SW scales at weigh in, so don't worry, just be good for the rest of the week!
yep its 3500 kcals for a lb of fat so there is no way you ate 10500 kcals in a night itll be water retention alckyfrol makes ya dehydrated which in return makes you retain water the day after, but suggest ya get out and go for a long walk give it a bit of assistance , may randomly help you by giving your metabolism a great big fright. Just go back to being a good boi and forget it:) Gen x

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