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3lbs gain just by having 2 bbqs???

Hi, i'm shocked to find that by just having 2 bbqs at the weekend i have put on 3lbs :cry:i'm gutted as I didnt overdo it...ok i had a few pringles and dips etc but surely not enough to warrant 3lbs. I lost 3.5lb at wi last week and was over the moon, now I feel so upset and angry with myself. Hopefully it'll just be fluid retention.
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Yes, definitely just fluid retention! You should lose all of that next week + another 1-2 lbs if you 100% optimise all week.

There is no way you have eaten 11500 Kcals more than what you body needed this week because of two BBQs. Likewise when we lose 4,5,6,7,8 lbs in our first week it is not all fat.
phew! thanks for that. I've lost 1.5 stone in total so far and was going great guns until the weekends slip up. Oh well, back to it now. thanks again :)


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Hi, i was also a bit gutted this week at maintaining after going off plan at a bbq over the weekend. I did feel like id lost weight so was a bit miffed. Am putting it behind me and hoping for a good loss next week.
Are you sure you didn't overdo it, have you written EVERY SINGLE thing down that passed your lips at the bbq's

28g of pringles is 7 1/2 syns

Dips are loaded with syns eg 1tbsp of full fat mayo is 5 1/2 syns....1tbsp isn't that much, how much dip would you have had?

Were you following EE, Red or Green?

.....if EE was 1/3 of your plate ALWAYS filled with superfree foods?
.....if Red did you have any rice, pastas etc that you shouldn't have had?
.....if Green did you have any meat you shouldn't have had?

Did you have any coleslaw? any alcohol? any bread rolls? any sauces?

We can't always put weight gains down to water retention, i've honestly never used that as an excuse, if you've been on plan you shouldn't gain! if we've gone over our syns for the week then we will have a gain!

2 weeks ago I stayed on plan all week and had a blow out on the Sunday for a Christening and gained 2 1/2 lbs, didn't bother me as I knew I would gain and I wanted to enjoy all the food that was on offer so decided to have an off day, I thoroughly enjoyed gaining those 2lbs, but it wasn't water retention it was me over eating and eating foods I shouldn't have been eating! :)

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Don't stress. We have all been there & you'll have that 3 lbs off in no time & it most certainly could just be water retention. To give you an example we always have a chinese takeaway (within syns) on a sunday evening & out of curiousity I weighed myself on the sunday morning & again on the monday morning for a few weeks & the result was always the same... I was 2lbs heavier on the monday morning after eating the chinese the night before..BUT that 2lbs was always gone by the tuesday. I'm not saying you should weigh in everyday.. I certainly dont but was just curious to see how different foods (especially takeaways & wine etc..) affected my body. I hope that helps a bit. Just remember that SW is a plan for life & life includes the odd occassions when pringles, dips & BBQ's are acceptable ;)


Always comes back to MMs!
I'm with Vanilla Cupcake on this one, I find a gain is always because I didn't follow the plan and oversynned... no point blaming in water retention, you ate it, enjoyed it, now move on!

Back on the wagon and blast it off this week, good luck xxxxxxxxx
Thanks for your replies. Ok yes i did eat pringles and a few dips but not enough to put on 3lbs surely??? Im doing ee and had salad etc and ive been good with my syns all week...Not to worry, yes I did enjoy it and yes i have moved on so upwards and downwards from now on
I would not get too worried
As long as you enjoyed eating the yummy bbq food and can get back on plan asap. It wont matter because it should come off ok.
I had 3 weeks of naughty eating, I put on a lb each week. When I got back on plan those 3lbs come off again at my first weigh in.
So Im not sure that fat gets stored straight away, I think it takes a little time to settle
Sw is a healthy eating plan for life, there will sometimes be times when you wont to eat a little extra or off plan. Its fine to do as long you can get back on plan after x x


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What do you blame it on then if it's not water retention :confused:. It certainly isn't (all) fat - she would have had to eat 11500 kcals MORE than what she needed for the week if it were. That is one hell of a lot of pringles and dips on top of a week that was optimising.
zeke said:
What do you blame it on then if it's not water retention :confused:. It certainly isn't (all) fat - she would have had to eat 11500 kcals MORE than what she needed for the week if it were. That is one hell of a lot of pringles and dips on top of a week that was optimising.
He he! I wonder what 11,500 calories of pringles & dips looks like?

There has to be an element of water retention involved, but vanilla cupcake is right. Especially at Bbq's its easy to graze & eat far more than you would usually, and not keep as much of a track of the superfree element. Found this out to my cost over the long weekends at easter - will be more careful at the one this weekend.


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Yep don't worry! I once put on 4lbs after a naughty weekend and then lost 5 the following week xx

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