3mercer's Super Turbo Weightloss Extravaganza XVIII

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  1. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    OK, so maybe the thread title is a little over the top :D

    A little introduction;

    Well, my name is Ollie but my, many, lovers call me George - I still dont know why. I have an issue, a rather large issue, namely my belly and rather epic man cleavage. This is something that I am 100% determined to be rid of by Christmas.

    So how did we arrive at this disaster point? Well, come on, we all know - BISCUITS! Well, biscuits are just the tip of the iceberg - a lot of it can be attributed to countless nights on the sofa, scoffing my chubby cheeks until I feel sick.

    I've been kidding myself a lot too. You see, at school, I was heavy but heavy at school was good. I played a lot of Rugby (even at one stage for my county) so no matter how much I ate I was able to maintain a semi sensible 16 stone over my 6ft 2 frame. But here is the crux, I was running around a lot!

    So Ollie, its simple no? You're not running around anymore so cut back on the calories. Oh hell no! My appetite remained at the same level. I ballooned to 20 stone probably in record breaking time. It was horrible. Looking at pictures of myself from then does make me weep a little inside.

    So, back in 2011 I decided to shift it. I did a crazy meal replacement diet, hit the treadmill, took loads of supplements and quickly got back to 16. Did I maintain? Nope. I craved and craved food. I would hide myself away from everyone, my friends, my family, missing birthdays & even christmas!! But once you get the hunger it cannot be managed. So, guess what? Yep, I ballooned again to 18st.

    So Mr 2012 Ollie - whatcha gonna do? Well Mr 2014 Ollie I decided to go to Slimming World - and it worked!!! Oh did it work. I managed to get down to a very almost healthy 13st 9/10lb and felt on top of the world. Clothes fit me, even more girls fancied me and I could finally remove the black cloth from over the mirror.

    So where are we today? Well, you guessed it, I'm a discerning gentleman of generous girth (not like that) at bang on 18st (thank you Boots scales).

    I started my diet TODAY (did all my prep shopping etc. yesterday) and this time its serious. I am a young man still (24) and I want to take control.

    At the moment I am merely hilarious, super talented, charming and humble. I need to add "Of reasonable size" to that burgeoning list of attributes so, subscribe, post, shout at me, call me fat whatever because this time its coming off and staying off.

    Target; 13st 7lbs by Christmas via SW EE.

    Thank you


    This pic taken but a week ago (I'm doing my real before shots tonight - prepare yourselves ladies!! haha);

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  3. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    An even better one (perhaps) showing the full extent of my grossness;

  4. mariavon

    mariavon Gold Member

    Hiya ollie ( George)
    Popping by to say helloo

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  5. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    Thanks Yvonne :)
  6. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Hi Ollie, also saying hello :)
  7. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    Hiya :) check out my profile and how much I have managed to lose on here. You will do fab. It's hard for te first week or two but once you crack it and the hunger goes you will smash it x
  8. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    P.s I started again today! X
  9. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    Well hello to you too!

    Yeah, I'm well aware of how difficult it can sometimes be, trust me!!

    Im very blokey in my approach. Once I truly decide I'm going for it, I am pretty good. Its the maintenance I'm **** at!

    High 5 fellow restarter ;)
  10. mariavon

    mariavon Gold Member

    Are you following SW again or doing shakes

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  11. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Good luck! X

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  12. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    I am doing Slimming World Extra Easy! Was tempted by Herbalife as a friend had good results but I need to eat haha
  13. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    I'm doing herbalife, its fantastic. But true about the eating! Difficult in social situations!

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  14. mariavon

    mariavon Gold Member

    That need for food is a pain isn't it ;)

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  15. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    Absolute pain in the bum.

    Im grumpy anyway - if I dont at least get a 27g piece of cheese a day I may implode ;)
  16. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Hi Ollie/George! I think I remember you from.last time :) just wanted to say welcome back and good luck! Love the diary title too lol. Look forward to following your extravaganza of weightloss amazingness.
    Jo x

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  17. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    Potentially. I am hard to forget ;) haha.

    It will get more flamboyant as we go on this journey we all call dieting! Haha.
  18. blossomdawn

    blossomdawn Member

    From one bristolian to another GOODLUCK x
  19. 3mercer

    3mercer Full Member

    Thanks all :)

    So today has been;

    Breakfast; tin of beans and fry light egg, banana
    Snack; Quavers 4.5 syns
    Lunch; rice, handful of tomatoes, asparagus tips, premium ham
    Snack; chicken mugshot, 2x baby bel on 1 slice of whole meal toast
    Dinner; dried pasta, SW arrabiatta (?) recipe + extra chillies, courgettes and fat trimmed pork loin.
    Dessert; muller light, curly wurly 6 syns.

    Aaaaaaand I'm finally full!! Haha.
  20. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Sounds deeeeeeeeeeelish!

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  21. mariavon

    mariavon Gold Member

    Whoo hoo looking tasty xxxx

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