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3rd day almost over

Hi Everyone,

I am on my 3rd day on SS. And I am HUNGRY. I have done CD before with great results but it was a few years ago. I now have about 5stone to get to a healthy weight and it feels like this will be a long journey. Feels like I have been doing this for ages and it's only been three days.
I have stayed on SS maximum 1.5 weeks in the past but have not decided what to do this time. I have more weight lo loose this time around but on the other hand I am desperate to get back to the gym for some serious sessions and toning. I find that you stay firm through the weight loss if you add weight training but the thought of that on SS... no I can't see myself doing that...

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi! Only found this forum today.

Hope you will follow me on my journey and that we can inspire each other.
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Hi Fatima, I just joined minimins today too!! On day five of ss and lost 6 pounds. Really pleased and hope to lose the same next Thurs...fingers crossed. It's really hard though,, too much temptation in the world! I gotta keep strong, hope you have a good week, xxx:eek:
Well done youu :) I am coing for my date with the scales on Monday.. Hope I will have lost loads. I haven't cheated at all
Just stick with it girls - It does get easier (well I think so anyway!) and in a couple of weeks you will be looking back saying the results are worth it!
Hi. I have been on SS+ for two weeks now and have only been having the four products a day up till now. I know exactly where you are coming from, in the first week each day seemed to be endless with your focus on food in your head all the time. Now I am in the second week it has becoming easier and CD is becoming part of my life and something I think less about.

I originally had 6.5 stone to lose, and that does seem like it will take eternity, but my chart is like an advent calendar with 84 days (12 weeks) on, which I mark off each day that I have stuck to the plan 100%. So far that is everyday. My payback for being ridged is, as of my weigh in this morning, I have lost 16lb. So stick with it, as it pays off and it does become easier.
Week 1 completed

wehey! I didn't cheat and have now completed week 1. Lost 4.1kg (9lb) guess half of it is water but anyway... I am happy!


yummy mummy in the making
Well done that's fab!!!
Thanks guys :)
hi!! I also just started Cambridge Diet and its only my 2nd day. It seems ok so far, but I just can't manage more than one shake a day, they really make me sick. But hopefully tomorrow I will be able to have at least two. Do you get used to the taste?
My starting weight was 85.6kg (188.7lbs),
today I was 83.2kg (183.4lbs)
and my goal weight is 60kg (132lbs).
I don't know how I lost 5.3lbs in one day, seems really strange, probably it was all water. If anyone is also just starting this diet maybe we should do it together?? :)
Hiya everyone
I'm on day 3 of my diet SS+ and day 1 was really tough but got through it but day 2 wasn't that bad and I had to force myself to drink my last sachet!

I need to lose at least 4st 7lbs and I hope it happens quick cause I tend to get bored with diets ?

Good luck everyone and I will keep you posted weigh in is on Tuesday morning fingers cross I have a big weight loss x

Your CDC should be able to give you alternatives if you don't like the shakes! Try porridge or the soups. Only having one shake a day seems dangerous to me. You need all three not to get malnourished. Let me know how you get on.

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