3rd week WI- Gutted!

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  1. jack29

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    Cambridge Diet
    Was on LL for 2 weeks and had really good wight losses, moved over to CD for week 3 and went for my weigh in today and all I had lost was 1lb:( ....I feel really gutted. I could of lost 1lb just by cutting down on eating "normal food". I am staying focused because I had lost another inch from my waist (that's 4inch so far) but hope this small loss improves. I have checked and I am still in Ketosis and I am drinking at least 4ltrs of water a day...anyone have any ideas why my weight loss would drop off this much:confused:
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  3. boofaloo

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    As far as i know a slow weight loss in week 3 is quite common and i'm sure someone else will confrim this.

    Next week i'm sure you'll lose a good amount which wouldnt be possible if you were cutting down on normal food. ;)

    Keep at it - i'm sure you'll be rewarded soon for all your hard work. xx
  4. Mini

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    Hi Jacks29,

    The guide lines for weight loss in the month is one stone for a woman and one and half for a man some lose more and some lose less.

    I was a slow loser with WW...so if I lose 8 to 10lbs. a month I would be doing brill as 2 to 3 lbs. would be tops some months for me with WW.

    At the end of week four you add up your total and you will see you probably will have lost more than a stone for the first month.

    I always tell new beginners to measure for the simple reason you seem to lose more inches on the weeks the weight is slow...it is like the skin shrinking back into place.

    you still have a 1lb. weight loss and this is very good and don't let it get you down as I know it is very addictive when you have experienced some big losses already.

    Also around the time of the month your body will hold onto water and this could be as much as 5 to 10 lbs. in some cases.

    Also if you have drank a lot of water before weighing you will also would weigh heavy!

    Love Mini xxx
  5. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    I can't see a reason why you would lose less on CD, the oposite in fact because the packs contain less calories ;)

    You know that the scales don't reflect the whole picture so try not to dwell in it and look forward to next weeks weigh in instead :)
  6. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks all for your replies and the PM's it has really lifted me just reading them. I know I can do this and I will do it!:)
  7. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Buddy my weight loss froze the week I went over to CD! But wait till next week and it will kick back in.

  8. AKB

    AKB Full Member

    My 3rd week I only lost 2lbs too and was just about to quit there and then! With 12 stones to lose I couldn't do it at 2lbs a week - I could be on SS/SW and eating real food and still lose 2lbs!
    Anyway, I stuck to it and then the next week I lost 6lbs! Now, 51 weeks on and 11st 7lbs later - it was worth it!
    Stick with it and the weight will drop off!
  9. Woodles

    Woodles C D Counsellor, Bristol

    Just wondering if you were weighed on different scales?
  10. lena L

    lena L Lena L

    Chin Up

    Been doing LL 59 days and just got back from weigh in & only lost 0.8lbs:mad: . I did exactly the same 4 weeks ago when I only lost 0.6lbs. I however made up for it the following week and lost 5.5 lbs. :eek:. So I am plodding on till next week

    I have put both low weight losses down to my monthlys (if you know what I mean). Dont however be disheartened and keep your chin up, it will show up next week.

    On a positive note did measurements tonight & lost 4 inches off boobs, 9 inches of waist & 4.5 inches off hips in just 59 days :eek:
  11. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    That may well have had some bearing on it! ;)

    The scales are NOT the whole story - take notice of how your clothes feel, and what the tape measure tells you! :)
  12. westhills

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    You will be losing FAT at a fairly uniform rate, but water levels will change, so weight is not the whole story. Don't take too much notice of it. If you want an accurate picture, go to a gym or somewhere with good scales that measure body fat percentage. I'd just stick with it, it WORKS!!
    Ann x
  13. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    Absolutely :D

    I have actually GAINED twice in my 117 days and I can lay hand on heart to say I hadn't cheated in the slightest. Big losses followed both times.
  14. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks again everyone:) Was feeling really down last night but after reading all the messages and pm's I am feeling much better this morning. I was weighed on the same scales but thought I'd do my measurements and to my surprise this is what I have lost in 3 weeks:
    Bust: 5 inch
    Hips: 4 inch
    Thigh: 3 inch
    Upper arm:2inch

    Feeling much happier about things now;)
  15. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    There you go :D

    I always think it is worth posting your worst fears and most distressing time on here because you are garuanteed to get a lift from the forum. Not only that I think that complete honesty on an anomynous (sp?) forum is the first step to acceptence which to my mind is KEY in making changes. How can you change something you don't know about or understand?
  16. Purple Hugs

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    Good to see you Jock! ;)

    Jack - try not to be gutted.. and remember if we really could lose all the weight by 'cutting back' food we wouldn't be here.. lets face it! ((hugs))
    I'm sure you'll see a better loss next week, and after a 1lb loss myself this week i'm holding your hand along the way!
    Be strong.. and look at the results other people have had... your turn WILL come! ;)
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