3rd Weigh In After The Cake/Custard Disaster...


Looking for Slimville!
I still managed to shift 2lbs so I'm quite happy about that. :).

This means I am now 'healthy' according to my BMI so I get to bump up to the Add - A - Meal Week one week early. That means I get REAL FOOD tomorrow, wheeeee.

Still a tad confused about how I'm supposed to weigh the food when its cooked...I mean, I have scales and all but what if I cook my, chicken for example, and it's less than 2oz? lol.

It's ok if I cook more than required cause I can just cut it til it's the correct weight but yeah...

Hello! :D
COngrats on the 2lb off woot!

As for the add a meal thing I know how you feel as this is my first add a meal week. I bought chicken breast strips from tesco kinda the size of goujons. And when cooked a largeish one is exactly 2oz

not sure if that helps! lol
That helps a lot, thank you! I remember Nicole explaining it was like a goujon sized portion lol.
Ah!!! My lovely loooooosers!! You are both little AAM ladies this week. I am sooper jealous!! :mad::mad::mad:

Don't worry about portion sizes too much, it used to be 3 oz of chicken....but the meanies at head office cut it down!! Just don't let it get out of hand like 5 or 6 oz!!:eek:

You'll both be fabby....I can feel it in my waters....:)

I have uni rubbish to do.....really must log off this site and do it!!


Nicole xx