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4.5lb off first week! and I wasn't a complete angel...

Hi There,

I have been attending class now for 1 week and yesterday was my first WI and I lost 4.5lbs! To be quite honest I don't know how??? I had been pretty good all week and then myself and OH went for a night away (sat night/sun) with his bro's and sis in laws, I planned well and made homemade burgers, pasta salad and some SW potato cake type things (slight disaster but attempt #1) oh and a tatziki made with FF fromage frais..... I drank only diet lemonade and swapped my usual cans of cider for vodka as my alcohol...
All was going fine until we stayed over the following afternoon and my OH's (michelan starred chef) bro cooked a toad in the hole, mashed spuds and mushy peas - well who wouldn't?? :wave_cry: Bye bye rails, we appear to have parted.... :break_diet:

So as a result of this I was extra good for the days leading up to my 1st WI (weds) including near crippling myself with a section of Davina's work out DVD (I used to like her) - I didn't deserve the 4.5lb loss and its for THAT reason that I think maybe keeping a diary/blog might help.... :innocent0001::innocent0001:

Having said that today is not going too good, have a head cold and nothing is satisfying or tastes of anything except maybe glue lol... so far my day looks like this:
Week2/ Day 1
Breakfast: 2 x Hi-Fi Light bars (hexb)
Snack/lunch: Chilli rice crackers (in the hope of clearing nose lol) 4.5 syns
Mug shot (roast chicken)
1 x Home made scotch egg (OH wanted to prove he could cook, bless him) made with fry-light so poss... 10 syns? :confused:
Can of diet coke

Got Morrisons Eat Smart sausages, mash and stack of veg for tea........... are they 0.5syns each?

:sigh: Will I still go to SW heaven?

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Talks to self!
S: 19st3.5lb C: 18st10.5lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.6%)
I think it's important that you recognised where you made an error and tried to put it right for the rest of the week.
Although to be honest it's only the toad-in-the-hole that was bad, mushy peas are free so is the mash, made without butter!:eek:

At the end of the day WELL DONE! 4.5lbs off!

Don't get in the mind set that you can do that every week though, cause it'll be toad-in-the-hole every night before you know it!
Thank you Arctic Blonde Not Grey,

Sadly I fear the mash wasn't made without butter, especially not by the professional chef who made it :0(
Thank you for your support though and believe me I have given myself a good talking too.
I left work early yesterday, feeling a bit rubbish so promptly went home and made a large pot of veg soup, it went down a treat and took the shivers away :0)
I did have my sausage and mash last night but I only had 1 sausage and mash I made with very low fat creme fraiche (sod it) just realised that isn't free.. grrr.. I did however have a bowl of mixed frozen/defrosted summer fruits for pud... Never mind yesterday is now gone and today is a new day :0)

Started off so far with my 2 x Alpen Light bars (hexb)

Aiming for an 'angel day' today..........
...Sorry brain ticking away now (must use while it does!) IF I start my day off with just veg i.e my soup for lunch, which has a small amount of bacon in it, does that mean I am leaving myself a choice of which plan I can follow for the remainder of the day?


Talks to self!
S: 19st3.5lb C: 18st10.5lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.6%)
Don't know for sure, I only do EE with the occasional Green days, but always forget the extra HE a+b's:eek: when on Green!

Reading your post again, I think yes, provided you syn the bacon if choosing to go green.

Having only done EE I do find red and green confusing at times hence forgetting extra a+b's.
Well day 2 didn't turn out quite how I'd planned..... At home and in bed by 11:30am turns out my cold bug had some 'added extras' one very upset griping tummy and and a nasty sicky feeling left me with no colour in my chops s I was sent home.
I slept until my OH got home about 7pm... Still not feeling magic I knew that eating nothing would prob do me no favours. So the day ended up looking like this:

Breakfast: 2 x Alpen bars (hexB)
Lunch: veg soup with bacon
Dinner: Veg soup with bacon and 2 slices of whoelmeal toast (hexB) and 28g cheddar (hexA)
Syns: will count bacon as only small amount as 3? syns as if on green day

Then more bed.....

Day 3: 1 x Alpen light bar (HexB)
Lunch: (went out for pub lunch with a friend, officially my first 'eating out' since starting) Jacket potato with cheese and salad. Very proud of myself for NOT even sniffing the home made coleslaw (a favourite of mine) I did have mushrooms but sadly they I think had been fried :0( so wil syn these at 5? even though I did'nt eat all of them.

Dinner: Turkey steaks (baked) with carrots and leeks (steamed)

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