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4.5lbs loss in week 2 :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)


taking it 1 day at a time
Well done, that's a brilliant loss. Keep up the good work.


Bring on the trumpets
Thats fantastic......well done :)
Welldone, i only managed 4, how much in total have you got/want to lose? ;)



rainbows holiday buddy :)
Welldone, i only managed 4, how much in total have you got/want to lose? ;)

ALOT!!! i'd like to lose about 6 stone, but probably need to lose more.

i've done CS to lose weight before my holiday. if i can get my head in the zone when i get home i'll try and do it for the full 8 weeks.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
managed to lose another 4.5lbs this week :)

would have liked a bit more but i wasn't on CS at the weekend due to a camping trip, although i did it very low calorie meals.

i've lost 14.5lbs in 2 weeks :D really chuffed with that.
Thats an excellent loss well done you! :D :D :D
Karen well done :D thats fantastic!!

Whats your typical day then? Im on CD 810 kcals but think I might change to this because its cheaper!
Congrats Karen - that's a brilliant loss. Bit the bullet and bought a pack in the chemist last night to start back on Monday. Hoping to lose even 10lbs in the 5 weeks.

MissusW - are you on WOL or were on WOL by an chance?
Oh my god RB how are you!!! I havent been on WOL in ages. Gets a bit scary sometimes because people start to hassle you....I think I remember you saying you had the same problem?

I cant remember when your wedding is? Ive 9 weeks left and still arsing around! Typical me!

Starting celeb slim or cambridge on saturday hopefully. Just have to sort out the finances first!
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Yeah I have just under 6 weeks - I am flying out Sunday 5 weeks (9th August) and getting married on the 12th (Wednesday). So I have decided to hell with it and am going to try the CS again. I did it for 2 weeks (Monday to Friday only) as himself hates fad diets. Then I ended up in hospital and have been recovering ever since and have not been able to exercise in any way shape or form. I haven't put on any weight but I haven't lost any either (iykwim). So I am going to start on Monday - have the pack hidden in the car and am going to leave it in work from Monday. Will eat my dinner as normal with him in the evenings.

Jeez you wasn't it very quick coming around for both of us. I can remember when we were at 14 months to go and thinking that we had loads of time to lose it....just shows us. Mind you I think that the last time we spoke your mam wasn't too well so you've had more important things on your mind. So how is she now?

Have you had your dress fittings yet? I had one last week and happy to report that the top was taken in slightly and they are going to be able to pull the waist tighter with the corset closure so I am happy about that. The length is okay with my shoes and underskirt so I am nearly ready to go. Just need to sort out something for my hair / head and I am a happy camper.

Well chat to you soon and let me know how you are getting on. We can give eachother encouragement this close to "our big days".
Mam is fine now thanks. She took a really funny turn. We initially thought it was a stroke but when she was taken to hospital all her tests were completely clear. Of course clear tests are great but I kinda nearly wished they found out why it happened :confused:. She completely back to normal now and back working so fingers crossed it was just one of those things.

Im flying out in 9 weeks to Spain. Im really looking forward to it, having the time off etc but I have to get my head down now and work hard at celebrity slim. Im actually going to go to the bridal shop tomorrow and get them to do my measurement again to see if Ive gotten bigger. Just incase :eek:. I was thinking of doing cambridge but its so expensive.

Are you fully recovered now after your operation? Is that the end of it now or have you more ops to come? 6 weeks! yikes!! I remember well us saying ...oh ive a year and a bit...loads of time....lol:D
That's great to hear about your mam. One of those things....it's not nice not knowing why. I can understand that perfectly :rolleyes:. Some doctors!!

I am back on Antibiotics since this morning to do with the last operation and some of the side effects that "can" happen. I am one of the lucky ones that it "can" happen to (NOT)!!. It looks like I could be needing more operations but I am hoping that it will be no more this year - think that my job would go mental but as my H2B says "your health is your wealth" and all that. So he's right. :)

Yeah it's scary how quick the time has flown by - I am getting married this day 5 weeks. I am on CS since Monday but don't know how the anti-biotic is going to affect it. I have to take them on a full stomach according to the doc 3 times a day. Does CS account as a full stomach? They are a very very strong anti-biotic.

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